Monday, March 6, 2017

Before I go to bed

Parenting memes are so GD true!!
A child that keeps getting up when they're supposed to be in bed? That's Zoe.
A child that doesn't want to eat the dinner I fixed them b/c they suddenly don't like something that they loved the day before? Yep.. Zoe again.
Siblings who fight over every GD thing? Like how there are 2 chairs that sit in front of the laptop.. literally right beside eachother, but they MUST sit in the chair the other one is in and will throw a GD fit if the other steals their seat and refuses to sit in the other chair... that is not even an inch away.

I have a headache today that didn't want to go away and all of that plus some was the reason why.
Ok so I dunno the real reason why, but I'm gonna blame some of that lol.

Yes, I get to stay in my home and relax on my furniture and browse youtube and watch netflix, but when I'm not... raising kids is frickin exhausting! I can imagine it's only going to get worse once the youngest is mobile lol.
It's already bad for him b/c the other 2 will get in his face and do this growl noise thing that he doesn't like. Well.... he likes it sometimes and other times it will make him cry. /shrugs

I just need to go to bed already.
DH is off at a friend's house. I don't mind. He needs breaks too and I know he's not doing anything dumb.
He's going to be away from home at night tomorrow night and Wednesday too. Ugh.
We still haven't come up with anything for Oren's birthday. Will be last minute shit thrown together. It won't matter since he's so young. Doesn't have to be anything huge and spectacular. Few pizzas, some drinks and cake and we're good :)

I did get to help out more on the house yesterday. I screwed in some of the details on the inside. Like a little shelf, the sink, stove, etc. Nothing major, but it was still nice to help out with it. I'll get more photos of it tomorrow.

Oren is already better from his cold. Still some coughing and a runny nose, but nothing terrible.
None of us are sick yet.. but I'm sure that will change soon. We've all been coughed on these last few days.

Stupid cat is pissing on the carpet in a couple of spots. Stupid GD cat. Thought we got past that shit, but NOPE. Saw some spots in an area he had gone on before. Hadn't smelled pee so didn't think that's what it was. Sprayed it anyway though just in case.
Saw another spot in a different area that he had gone on before. Again... wasn't sure, but sprayed it anyway. He's been using his litterbox too and his paws are still "normal".
Dunno WTF his problem is but it's pissing us off again.

And stupid little shit chihuahua. Termite dude came over today. Just one guy and thankfully it wasn't as big of a job as the first guy made it out to be. Still had to keep the dogs and kids out of the way. Kids were easier to stop than the dogs. Dogs kept trying to come in and woofing at the guy.
Our dogs are all bark and no bite. Not like their bites would do any harm anyway.
But anywho... guy is done in about 20min. He leaves.. I go to tell the kids that they can come back inside if they want. Took all of 2 minutes to do that. Go back in the hallway to inspect the area and the little shit chihuahua pissed in the frickin hallway. I guess he thought he needed to mark his territory or something? I don't fucking know but UGH that ticked me off. This is why you're not aloud to roam the house when we're not home puppers! You're too stupid for your own good! He's a cute little sweet pup, but my goodness is he dumb.

I know I talk so bad about my pets lol. I love them (well... I would still get rid of the cat if we knew someone responsible)..... this is just me venting about them. They're my little furbabies.

You wanna talk about irresponsible pet owners. That would be MiL. They are the worst dog owners ever. Their dogs run their house. Their dogs will literally get in their faces while they're eating and that is not even exaggerating.
DH's grandfather is a big guy and since his stroke, he's in a recliner almost all day. B/c he's reclined back, the dogs have a nice seat right on his chest while he eats. That, or they'll climb on to his shoulders.
It's SO aggravating to go over there for holidays where food is involved b/c I can't stand seeing that shit.
I know begging doesn't bother some dog owners, but UGH that crap annoys the shit out of me. Just can not stand it and can't stand it now when my dogs follow the kids around b/c I've caught them a couple of times trying to snatch the food from Oren's hands. Oh HELL NO.

Anyway.... also, MiL's dogs are extremely territorial and fight with eachother all the damn time AND they're prey driven so they destroy any cat that tries to come near the house.
I can't even tell you how many cats they've killed.
They just had to take one cat to the vet b/c one of their stupid dogs almost killed it.
At one point.. they had around 5? cats. Every single one of them were killed by their dogs that got more and more aggressive towards them.

They can own any other animal... just no more dogs.

Oh.. DH just got home... time to go to bed! This momma is tired and I still have a GD headache :(

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