Thursday, March 30, 2017

She discovered the camera

Zoe discovered the camera on her tablet yesterday. All day long, she's been running around taking photos. Even when she went to go poop.. rofl.
I'll have to try to get some of the photos off of it to show off :)

Went to bed with a sore throat last night. Was hoping it was just b/c I didn't have a lot to drink, but nope... it bothered me throughout the night. Felt like swallowing razors when I drank water during the night.
Really hope it's not strep again. That SUCKED.
It's not so bad right now though so hoping the soreness I'm feeling is b/c I couldn't stop that swallowing reaction last night.
Our bodies are so stupid.
Sore throat? Swallowing constantly will make it worse.............. so your natural reaction to the feeling will be to swallow all the damn time and make it worse.
I'm feeling ok other than that though. Did have a slightly snotty nose this morning but it's fine now.
FX that it's not anything I'll have to go to the doctor for! lol

It's been a poop filled day though. Nasty poops all around. Story of my life! rofl

Ok... with this stupid period winding down (it once again picked back up last night..... sigh)....
next week should definitely be a go to start exercising again. I am ready mentally to do it and get this going already.
I actually don't know if I'm going to weigh myself. I feel like that just kind of drives me crazy.
Maybe I should just go by the fit of my clothes or inches lost?
BUT when I was at my heaviest of 250..... I had lost about 50lbs and felt exactly the same as I had before. I was still wearing the same clothes and everything... it was the next 10lbs that I lost when my body finally started to noticeably show that I had lost weight. It just kind of suddenly happened.
So yeah... not sure what to do.
Definitely don't want to obsess over the number on the scale, but also don't want to obsess over the fit of my clothes.
OOO maybe I should pick out a couple of pants. I have some 16's, 14's. And then keep track of my progress by how those are fitting me. That sound good?
Think I'll do that. Take pics of how I can't even button them up now and then maybe in a couple of weeks, try them on again to see if they fit any better.
Mmmhmm Mmhmm.. I like that idea :D

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