Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Still disgusting

So.. I bought a phonics book for Zoe.
We were doing some of the pages when we come to F.
I tell her it makes a "fuh" sound.
We get to this page in the workbook where the child is supposed to circle all of the pictures that show something that starts with F.
So I tell her to say the sound first, then what the picture is (after I tell her what it is if she doesn't know the word) to determine if it starts with F.
Sounds good right?
Welp..... take those instructions.. and go through the photos.... saying the "fuh" sound and then what the picture is.
See why I'm posting it? Yeah.... I didn't catch it at first when we were doing it until that word came out of her mouth lol. Whoever made the book definitely had fun doing it. You can not tell me that that was done by accident :P

Had the easter hunt Saturday at DH's church. Kids had fun but it went by really quick. Thankfully they still know how to throw it and make sure all the kids get something equally.
They separated them by age and spread them out.
Didn't matter how many eggs were gotten b/c they all dumped their eggs and then picked candy and goodies out of different baskets. Equal for everyone and everyone has fun. No stupid competition trying to get the most eggs for your kids.
No photo of Zoe. Only one I took has her cousin in it and Zoe is spread eagle in a skort /facepalm


I swear the only photos I can manage to get is of Rocko sleeping lol. He's so cute.
He's such a good puppy. Still poops and pees in the house, but it seems to be getting a little better.
I was kidding myself in to thinking it would happen fast lol.
The other dogs still don't like him that much. He is not aggressive or dominant at all with them. He's just a puppy that wants to play and they're both lazy dogs that like doing nothing.
He's also great with the kids. Again.. not aggressive in the slightest. He is still mouthy which I'm working on correcting whenever he does it.

Can't wait to see how big he gets. His legs just keep getting more muscular and bigger. Puppies grow so fast!

Took this one before our dental appointments. Was texting DH telling him how disappointed Zoe was in him ( I can't remember why and of course I was joking).
It's just a cute pic and she looks so grown.
Poor girl was the last of us to get sick and while she's not congested, she has the worst cough of all of us.
That doesn't help anyone when she comes in to our bed at night and keeps us all up w/ her coughing lol.
DH actually stayed home yesterday b/c he knew it was keeping me up and since I'm sick too, thought I would need his help.
He really didn't need to... and really didn't help much either for that matter rofl ;)
It was nice though being able to sleep in a little bit. 

Hmm.. what else......
Oren had some mystery bug bites pop up on him yesterday. It was around his ankle on one of his legs and then on his back, then on his chest. But then they all disappeared an hour later.
Dunno WTF it was. Didn't look like hives... looked like some bug.. like ants or fleas attacked him.
/shrugs.... he was and is fine though so... ok.

Uhm.. and yeah.. that's about it.

Did I mention that Zoe has tracked poop through the house twice now? First time, Rocko pooped outside her door and during her trek to our room in the middle of the night, she stepped in it. Had to get up to scrub off both of her feet. Bleh.
Then.. just an hour or so ago, she comes in saying that I need to clean her feet cause she stepped in poop.
Thankfully I stopped her before she ran off to the bathroom and made her go back outside.

I'm sure this won't be the last time....

Just got done cleaning the carpets though. Wasn't about to leave poo smears all over the floor where they frequently walk and was tired of all the food and pee spots. And lemme tell ya... cheap ramen noodle juice (the yellow chicken flavored one).. stains carpet like crazy!! Even my awesome heavy duty cleaner and a pretreating spray couldn't get the yellow stains out! Booo :(

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