Friday, March 24, 2017

Noooo. I don't wanna goooooo

Dentist appointment today. Just a cleaning but UGH... I've come to hate them! lol
Zoe has one too so we'll be going together while the boys get to stay home.

I know they'll ask the usual questions. No.. I don't floss regularly. I know how to brush my teeth.. no.. I don't do it multiple times a day.
Can we all just agree that flossing sucks? I've been doing it more often, but still not enough.

And I eventually have to call to get a time to get my wisdom teeth out and implant put in. UuuuuuUUuuUuuUuuuUUUUUUUUUuuuuuUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuggh

Dental work sucks.
It's gotta be so satisfying to be a dental hygienist though. Sure, they have to deal with a lot of gross shit I'm sure, but being able to scrape off plaque and that satisfaction of knowing you got it all out.
That.. or they're psycho and get satisfaction out of causing pain... either one.

Had some brown spotting yesterday. Noticed it at first after using the bathroom. Really light brown tint on the TP. Then had a small gush later in the day. Just a drop on my panty liner, but if you're a lady, you know how even a small amount feels like a ton lol.
That was it though. Not sure what's going on.. but ok.

I do think maybe I've ovulated. My right O area was feeling achy and just off, so maybe that's what it was from.

New puppy is doing well. Able to stay outside without constantly whining at the door. He's still peeing in the house, but seems to want to do it on the puppy pads... or things he thinks are puppy pads... like the cat's scratching mat.
He's been great at night still too as far as not worrying about being near me or getting too excited when I get up to check on a fussing Ezra.

Poor Pippin (the chihuahua) still isn't keen on the new dog. I think he's very very slowly calming down about it, but I also think he stressed himself out so much that he got himself sick. Going to have to keep an eye on him and take him to the vet if he doesn't get better.
We put some flea stuff on all the dogs recently b/c the pup had a few on him and fuck fleas. It's stuff we've used before, but it seemed to have irritated Pippin's back. He's been trying to scratch his back a lot and rubbed a little raw spot.
Poor little thing just isn't having a good week so far.

Yeah..... I would not have the patience to home school. More power to the parents that do it... myself. NOPE!
Bought some workbooks for Zoe. Just simple things to help her get ready for kindergarten. One of them is a phonics book. Not very good so far IMO since it really doesn't give you any tools to helping them identify letters by sounds.. just tells you things like "Circle everything that starts with c that has the hard C sound." or something like that.
Really? That's it?
Did some of that with Zoe yesterday and she actually did pretty well. She is super impatient though. I could tell that she just wanted to get on with the next page, but I tried to get her to slow down.
Will have to help her out some more :)

Oren is doing well too. He's in his "uh uh" phase right now. That's always frustrating.
I don't like threatening to spank, but that's what comes out of my mouth ALL the damn time.
I need to catch myself before it happens. Start threatening to take away toys more often.. and doing it if they don't listen.
Oren is definitely old enough now to start picking up toys. I know his attention span isn't the best, but a few toys is all I'm asking of him right now.

And Ezra is doing well. Kind of worried that he hasn't really rolled over and he really can't sit unassisted yet. I put him on the floor, but the boy absolutely hates.. HATES tummy time. He's perfectly content on his back and rolls to his sides and scoots around that way.
Try sitting him up though and he's toppling over.
I just need to get down on the floor with him more often. Difficult to do b/c the other 2 kiddos want to participate. It's sweet, but they usually end up in the way and getting all rowdy.
Oh well.... just gotta work it out somehow :)

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