Wednesday, March 29, 2017

And he's sick again...

WTH child? Why is Oren always getting frickin sick??
Hoping this is maybe just allergies? But with his track record.. his runny nose will turn in to yet another cold.
He better never be sick as an adult. With how often he gets sick now... his immune system better be gold when he's an adult. Geeze....

Anyway... he was up whining all night long. I was sleeping like crap too for some reason and I'd just get to sleep when he'd start whining. Really shitty night.
Poor guy has giant bags under his eyes. He's def getting a nap today in a few minutes.

I'm sure the other 2 kids will be sick soon too. Sigh... it never ends!

This period is getting on my damn nerves. Just when I think it's ending, it starts back up.
Yestereday, absolutely no blood on tp or in the toilet. Then 3pm rolls around and oh look.... more blood.
Tired of this crap..... said every woman ever :P lol

I'm about to look up some frickin cake recipes and treat myself to a homemade cake b/c fuck this shit right now.
Yes.. I'm fat... yes.. I need to eat right (which I have been the majority of the time), but my body and lack of sleep is really making it difficult.
I AM exercising next week though. I just need to find a good chart so I can keep track of everything I'm doing. Hoping that that will help to keep me on track like it did with pumping.

So excited to finally get my gardens going!
Definitely going to need to just replant some seeds outside. A lot of the ones I did inside aren't doing well at all. The weird weather we had and needing to keep them in the trays for so long really messed things up.
Oh well.. Good thing about the south is that it stays warm for a while so getting things started a little late isn't a huge deal.
But, bad thing... having to deal with the heat.

Anyway.... went out there today and planted a few cucumber seeds. 8 total, 2 different kinds. A pickling and a regular burpless type.

Hoping to get the rest of the plants in the ground this weekend.
The pepper plants all look pretty good so far and I think the tomatoes will be ok even though they're pretty leggy too. But tomato plants will root out of their stems so you can bury them deep.

Will definitely have to plant more watermelon and pumpkin seeds though in the ground. Those plants are not doing well at all in the trays.

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