Friday, August 5, 2016

Too much drama!

I almost forgot all about the inlaw drama going on.
So back when kids were graduating HS, one of DH's cousin's kids had a party for it.
Welp.. the beef between MiL and aunt with their brother was still going on and of course, they all had to go to this party.
DH and I didn't go b/c DH had to work that weekend and I wasn't going to go by myself lol.

Well at that party, the grandfather of course had to open his mouth and start shit b/c ya know... why not at someone's celebration right? :\
Well the brother (we'll call him uncle since that's what he is to DH)... didn't take his dad's comments very well and of course.. aunt being who she is, just had to butt in and speak her mind.
They had a big screaming match and started spitting on eachother like adults do........ /cough
And somehow uncle got a hold of aunt's glasses and stomped on them..... ya know.... like grown ass adults do..................... o_o..........

I guess police were called and yesterday, they along with MiL had to go to court for it.
They got fined and uncle and aunt had to spend the night in jail. From what MiL said, the judge did that to I guess.. scare them straight? Get them to cut the bullshit before something worse happens?
I dunno, but it's not going to do anything except make them hate eachother even more.
Both aunt and uncle have this uncanny ability to hold on to grudges for A LOT longer than people should. And the thing is... neither of them have actually done anything to eachother to deserve the amount of hate that they're throwing at one another.
It's all stupid little petty ass shit that should've been let go, but no.... they both hold on to it for dear life b/c both of them thrive off of drama.
And yeah... they both have to go to counseling too. Hoping that helps, but I doubt it.
With their personalities.... I highly doubt it.

Uncle.... I think him and his wife have some mental issues going on that neither of them want to address. I dunno if it's depression or something else, but they both feed off eachother and are in their bubble to fester in their inability to let shit go.

And aunt.. well.. she's just a busy body that doesn't know when to butt out of things that don't concern her. She thinks she MUST stick her nose in to something and MUST make a comment about whatever.
She's also the type of person to take offense when there was nothing to be offended by. She's the customer in a store that you roll your eyes at when you hear them demanding that they want to see a manager or that they'll never shop there again. Just a giant drama creator basically.

This is all just shit that didn't ever need to reach the level that it did. Grown ass adult siblings that can't let their petty ass grudges go and at least tolerate eachother.

Hell.. I don't like a lot of shit that my brother does (that I've posted here), but I'm an adult and know how to mind my own business. Oh... I have my opinion on things... which is why I post here lol.. but I'm not going to open my mouth and give him a piece of my mind when he didn't ask for it. Why? B/c it's not worth it.
If it was something huge... sure... but it's not which is why I bitch about it here instead of saying shit to him.
Hope that made sense lol.

Sigh..... just a damn shame b/c uncle and his wife really aren't terrible people. Just like aunt isn't a terrible person. They have their flaws and unfortunately, those flaws have butted heads with eachother causing this bullshit.

That woman I posted about a while go had her baby yesterday. The one that was trying to get labor started at 36w (actually before 36w b/c she started doing those 'natural' methods before then).
She was a couple of days overdue.
She got her vbac, but her baby boy was not doing well and had to be airlifted to a NICU.
Mixed feelings here....
Sounds like she was monitored, but... at what cost? She said they don't know why he's doing so poorly, but then goes on to say that she was pushing off and on for EIGHT hours. That does not seem normal to me?
Poor boy, but yay she got her vbac??  :\
That's what her post seemed like and what others are replying to her. Just seems so... stupid. Now of course I have no idea if the labor was the cause of the baby's problems. I doubt she would even confess that if it was proven that the vbac was somehow the cause of the baby's distress. She was just so SO set in her need to do it that nothing else mattered.
Anyway... I really hope her little baby boy makes a full recovery from whatever happened and she gets to take him home soon. The photo of him all hooked up to tubes is so heartbreaking :(

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