Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dont fail me now!

Pumping has been going pretty ok. Have had 2 lower amount days, but still overall getting a decent amount.

Haven't been taking fenugreek on,the regular. I'm good,for 2 days then,just end up forgetting.
Going to try to be better at remembering to take it though.

My nipples are so raw and sore. It's so gross. My nips are normally really dark, but,the putter layer of skin has rubbed off so,now they're this pink color in those raw areas. I,know... Tmi, but it's all part of the process.
Boobs thankfully haven't been too sore. They'll get a little sore at night when I haven't pumped for a while, but it's really not bad at all.
Let down,hurts though. Don't remember it,feeling this way. Its just an intense burning/tingling sensation.
Oh nipples,also hurt after pumping when the swelling starts to,go,down. That sucks.

Bleeding has turned to,mostly brown discharge. Can't wait to stop bleeding already. 9 months of no,period spoils you lol.

Ezra has,been waking twice a night. Nooooooo, we had it so,good before. 😢
He wakes,around 1 or 2...,then again at 5. Sigh.....
Thankfully dh has been getting up with him,the 2nd,time, but once he starts back at work... Its probably gonna be all me. That and taking care of 2 youngins? Uuuuuuugh

I'm going to be in screaming toddler hell for a while until I adjust to it.
Dh wants to get off of sodas.... Yeah, that's not gonna happen for a while.
Momma is gonna need her caffeine.

And yadda yadda... Just making the most out of the time dh has off. Only one more week though.
Just hope I'm feeling a bit better by then. Walking too much along with the few times I've picked Oren up have reignited some pain. It's still not too bad, but bad enough that I still have to be careful how I move.

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