Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Post before bed....

Dh just got the biggest smile from Ezra just a min ago. Awwwww
Ez is supposed to be going to sleep, so we're not supposed to be stimulating him, but that was worth it to see. So cute :)

Can't believe dh is going back to work next week... 😢.
I'm going to be the walking dead mom for a while until I adjust. Gosh I hope that happens quick.

Feel so bad when Oren tries to love on his brother. He just wants to give Ez hugs and stuff, but doesn't realize he can't lay on him or lean on him or anything so we have to tell him to stop. Of course we try to say it as gentle as possible, but it makes us feel so bad bc he's not meaning to be potentially harmful.

Oren is such a little cutie. Dh had the radio going while he was putting up curtain rods in the nursery. Of course Oren and Zoe were both in there too. Both of them were dancing and Oren was actually trying to sing along lol. First time for that and holy crap was it adorable lol. Tried getting video of it, but he stopped when he saw dh pointing his phone at him lol.
He's sung before... At least we think he has, but not sung along while a song is going.

Zoe has started her church thing again. Not sure what it's actually called. She was a puggle last year and this year will be a cubby. She got to bring home their little mascot teddy bear last week. She dragged that thing around everywhere and just loves dressing it up.

Took some Percocet a little while ago. We went shopping today. Just a quick trip to Lowe's for something for the curtain rods and I wanted to see if they had seeds still (they did..woo!!)
We weren't there for long and I had been feeling pretty ok up until,that point. It was still too much for my body though bc I started aching like crazy after. Ibuprofin just didn't do anything for it so in comes the other stuff. Sigh.....
I have 2 more pills left. After that... Gotta hope Tylenol will do,the trick. Hoping I won't need anything though. Just want to feel better already.
I will say this though... The Percocet is awesome for mynipple pain. It almost gets rid of it entirely. Pumping right now and I'm feeling almost no pain. That's amazing considering the raw state that they're in.
Wish there was something better than lanolin to use on them.

Pumping is going... Meh. Staying about the same for the most part. I just have to stay vigilant with the loose schedule.
We need to find bottles for milk storage. We'll be heading to target tomorrow. I don't think im producing enough to freeze anything, so we need more bottles for regular storage. Of course medela doesn't sell just their caps though. Oh no... You gotta buy their box of bottles and baggiea and all the other crap to get the caps. So Damn annoying. I just want the caps!! This wouldn't be a problem though if sil had bothered giving us back everything we gave to her.
Now I realize just how much I did slack,off with pumping for Oren. Only had 5 caps with him and it was almost never a problem. Oh well...

Hmm,there was,more I wanted to mention, but exhaustion and druggy brain,are kicking in lol.
So I'll end the post with more photos!! Yay!!

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