Thursday, August 11, 2016

So... I had a baby and junk...

Lol.. gotta keep this short b/c I'm in some pain.
Really should have logged in to blogger on my phone so I could've updated sooner! OOPs!

To keep a long story short for now... those feelings I was getting were contractions. Kind of figured it out eventually before my afternoon appointment.
Asked OB abut it and she confirmed. Asked if I wanted to move my c-sec up to tuesday.... I said.. nah like a moron.
Contractions kept coming though. Didn't really hurt at first. Felt like tightening and pressure in my butt, but no pain. Didn't start hurting until later that night when I decided to just go to the hospital.
Contractions were coming every 3-4mins and were getting stronger. Oh and lasting about 40-50sec.
Uncomfortable but still not painful.
DH dropped Oren and Zoe off with MiL.
We got everything ready and headed to the hospital. Had to swing by DH's work so he could put in his leave. That's when contractions started to become painful.
Still not too bad though. Just like period cramps that I've gotten before.
Went to the hospital and thought that they were just going to monitor me, but nope... they got me prepped for the c-sec.
Can't remember the exact time we got in.. maybe just after 11pm? And then wheeled to the OR and had my baby at 1:17am on August 9th :)

It's a...........


His name is Ezra Franklin and he came in to the world weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 1.2oz and 20inches long :)
He has lots of hair and is just so darn cute and chunky. He did poop in me and had to be deep suctioned, but thankfully there weren't any complications from that. He cried right away and was perfect :)
It's 8/11 right now and we just got home this afternoon.
We've both been great. He has newborn rash, but other than that has been very healthy. No jaundice and only lost 3oz before we left the hospital.
I'm in a bit of pain, but that's to be expected :)
I'll update some more later... need to go pump! 
In the meantime... photos! :D



Stefanie Pinwill said...

Congratulations!! Ezra is adorable and his big bro and sis look smitten!!

Mlove said...

Congrats! Love the name, can't wait to hear more!