Thursday, August 18, 2016

700ml? Yeah right...

According do this pumping log I have... I should be pumping at least 700no by the 32nd of week 2.
yeah, I wish. Maybe if my left boob worked a bit better I could get that much, but I'll be lucky to get half that amount.
Well, I did get half that yesterday.

It's just frustrating to,not have boobs that work like they should, but at least I can get something. More than I'm sure a lot of women can get and would love to have, so I can't complain too much about it.

In some tmi news... Pooping still sucks. My poor butt feels like someone took a razor blade to it. And I'm sure I'm giving myself hemorrhoids by trying pathetically to push it out. Did manage to get some out, but my gosh, did it hurt like hell. Really should have taken the miralax and stool softeners more often.

Ezra is still doing well. Still sleeping a ton like newborns do. Getting lots of sleep smiles and he has a cute dimple on his left cheek. Still can't tell if he also has one on his right. Kind of neat that Zoe and oren have left cheek,ones and Ezra could be right only.

Zoe and oren are just completely smitten with Ezra. My gosh, so they just love him. Zoe really enjoys helping out as much as we let her and you can tell oren can't wait for Ezra to be able to play with him.

Oren is getting better at communicating what he wants. He'll point, then point again. With sil and her little baby, he kept pointing at the floor,wanting sil to sit the baby on,the floor with him. When she did, he would sit there with her and want to play. So darn cute. Just love the way kids are just drawn to each other naturally. Wish it was like,that as adults.
How much better would the world be if we all just wanted to be near one another and play.

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