Wednesday, August 17, 2016

OUCH!! And some tmi...

So I did the silly thing of sitting on the couch And reclining back. Bc apparently my body just wasn't ready for that impossible position, now it's punishing me by causing some seriously awful pain on my right side.
I don't think it's anything serious.... Just pulled the wrong muscles in the area...and it sucks.

Also.... I can't Frickin poop. I did some yesterday, thank goodness, but today.... That turd does not want to leave.
Bc of the recliner incident, I can't bare down like I need to to get it out So it keeps ground hogging.
Going to be popping stool softeners and Miralax like they're going out of style.

Bleeding is pretty light most of the time. Nothing as bad as it was after having zoe. I'm sure it will still take forever to finally stop though like it did after Oren.

Pumping is going well. Left boob still isn't producing much, but a little is better than nothing.
Nipples are sore, but much much better than previous times. Helps that I'm using the right size cups and didnt get them chewed up trying to breastfeed.
Boobs really haven't gotten too sore either.
Varies how much I have been getting. It's not a great mount, but it's ok for now. So yay for all of that :)

Ezra is doing well. Can't remember if I updated after his appointment... If not....
It went well according to dh. He weighed 9lbs exactly.
Had dh ask about a mark on his head that I noticed. Thankfully ped just thinks it's a birthmark which is what I figured it was since it's not raised or anything.
I have no idea who he looks like. He still has that newborn look to him, so it's difficult to say which of us he takes after more. He definitely does not look like Oren at this point though.
I also keep wanting to call him a her lol. Guess that's what happens when you wait to find out the gender lol.
Really need to take more pics. He has the longest cutest toes. Hehe

Dh's back is better. Still hurting, but a lot better. But he has a cold along with Oren. I'm sure the rest of us will be getting sick soon too. Bleh.....

And finally... My brain needs to stop sabotaging my sleep. Sleeping fine and suddenly having some realistic freaky scary ass dreams that wake me up freaked out.
Nothing overtly scary really, but those type of dreams that just scare the shit out of you anyway.
One i just had.... I roll over in bed and see Zoe's little head beside me and she says that she's hungry and lays her head next to me. Again, nothing really scary about that, but still got a feeling of pure dread and terror from it.
Damn brain... Stop betraying me!! Lol

Alrighty, enough for now. Need sleeeeeeep

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