Sunday, August 7, 2016


Ok... mostly these granny panties are nice, but the waist is cutting in to my bump if I try pulling them up lol. Sigh.... I'm sure they'll be much more comfy once I'm not so giant.

Ok update on that woman and her LO.
She is still in the hospital b/c she can't urinate and she can't walk. Yeah... she's either leaving something out or she really needs to look in to WTF her caregivers didn't tell her during the labor process.
Again.. I'm sure that 8hrs of pushing caused the problems going on with her and her LO.
Just something is not right, obviously.
She says her little boy is doing just a little better. Still having seizures and has a bleed in his brain. She was told that his injury could've happened on the way out but it's a rare occurrence.
I think that's a load of shit myself. Sounds more like a doctor or someone trying to cover their ass. B/c again... EIGHT hours of pushing.
Sigh... I really hope she and her boy recover from this as well as they can.

IN more lighthearted news...
Had Zoe's little party last night. Got some Marco's Pizza (which was frickin delicious), gave Zoe  couple of her presents from us and she got a bunch of stuff from inlaws.
She had a blast, everyone ate well and it was just a good night :)
Did take some photos. Just need to stop being lazy and post them eventually lol.

Think I'm taking the kids with me to my appointment tomorrow. Bleh lol
Oh well....
Not worried about Zoe. It's Oren that gets restless since he has to sit in the stroller. He doesn't walk well when you hold his hand. He wants his freedom and run around all over the place.
Lol Not yet little man.... not yet.

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