Sunday, August 28, 2016


Not sure what I did yesterday, but apparently it was too much bc I'm in pain today that ibuprofen alone wasn't touching.
Ended up taking one Percocet earlier and just took 2 a few minutes ago bc the pain in my right ovary area was just feeling bad.
Dh only has one more week off. I NEED to get better this week bc it's only going to be me. Need to be able to pick Oren up when he needs a change and get him in and out of his crib.
I would pick csection over and over again, but Damn does recovery suck major balls.

Zoe is so darn cute.
She calls Ezra her baby. Not baby brother... But HER baby lol. She wants to be around him and look at him all the time.
She's such a sweet child. Oh, she has her bratty moments..... A lot of them actually lol, but she's a good girl :)

She's getting so darn big. Been taking photos of the kids and my gosh, she looks so grown in the pics.
Can't bel8eve she's gonna be starting school next year. Have no idea what we're supposed to do for all of that. Need to look in to it.
I just know that I'm gonna be taking her and picking her up. That's gonna be rough since I have to drag along the other 2, but I just don't trust buses and I definitely don't trust her to get off on the right stop lol.
I'm just paranoid really. Too many psychos out there and I wanna make sure she gets to where she needs to be safely.

Oren wants to be around the baby a lot too. Maybe not as much as zoe though lol.
Gosh.... Just feeling so lucky to have my munchkins. Love my loud little rugrats so Damn much.
Even when they're driving me crazy with their whining and crying hehe.
I knew what love was when I fell for dh, but loving your kids is just on a whole other level. There is just nothing like it and it's amazing.

Ok, enough sappy stuff lol... Want to work on a small crochet project. My hands are feeling a little better now that swelling isn't as bad. Still not 100percent, but good enough for me to be able to crochet some :)

Woot!! Uploading from phone actually didn't take that long. Will have to take more photos and post more :)

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