Sunday, August 21, 2016

Nooo...ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch

So pumping has been going fine. Thought I got away from the extremely sore nipples since I didn't really try to bf Ezra.
Nope!! It just took longer to get to the sore nips.... 😢
I'm pumping on the low setting that it starts off and it's still killing my nips. It gets ok in the middle, but by the end, they're on stabby fire!

I'm getting decent amounts of milk though. Nowhere near the 700-1000 that this paper says I should be getting, but oh well. What I'm making is plenty for now... Yay :)

Feeling a little less sore. Haven't needed a Percocet in 2 days. The ibuprofen has been enough to help with the pain.... And I could sleep actually laying down last night... Woooo
I've been sleeping sitting up since getting home and using a neck pillow. Whenever I tried laying down... I couldn't get back up on my own without pulling something down there that sent sharp pain through the area and laying on my side caused my right side to ache really bad.
Since that pain has settled some, I tried sleeping flat last night on my side and felt mostly fine and could get up by myself too.

Just need to continue to go slow and not do anything to make the pain come back. I hate not being able to pick Oren up though. I have pull him on to the couch or lift him just slightly, but that is it.

You really don't know how much you use your and until you can't use them.

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