Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ah.. napping is so nice!

Managed to get in an hour nap! WOO!
Apparently in that time, Zoe decided that she wanted to change out of her clothes and in to a Minnie Mouse swimsuit lol. Ok then.
Girl.. wear whatever you want. You let me sleep :P lol
She still needs to clean her room up though. Sigh...
When did I straighten it up? Last week? Well.. I guess a week to destroy it again isn't so bad. Better than 2 days it takes for the living room.
It's just getting her to clean for more than a minute that is challenging. Been getting her to pick up everything ALL day long. So frustrating but she's not even 4 yet. Her attention span isn't the best :P

Doing some cleaning today.
Went to the grocery store this morning to pick up some junk food. Yep.. seriously :P
The store has a buy 5 and save X amount deal going on. Wasn't sure when it ended and their new weekly deals starts on Wednesdays so I wanted to get more ice cream cone things while they were still on sale. :D
Just doing that little bit has caused some aching, but not too bad.
I'm going to aggravate it though b/c damnit.. I'm getting our room vacuumed at least and getting the bassinet cleaned off.
Need to wash everything on it.

I'm sure I'll be in some pain later, but I barely do anything and it's driving me crazy! I want to clean and straighten up!
Work with me body... work with me!

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