Thursday, August 4, 2016

Poor baby

Going to a loud ass rock concert at 38w5d pregnant may not have been the best idea ever. Rofl
We got there a little late and the first band was already singing their last song. WTF? They were on for 15mins if the concert started when it said it would. First band usually plays for at least 30min.
Oh well. Wasn't really interested in seeing them anyway.

Then the 2nd band (A Day to Remember) played. They were the ones I wanted to see and were good as expected :D

Then the main attraction (Blink 182) came on and were great too. Was almost nonstop songs with a lot of very loud pyrotechnics that scared the bejeebus out of the baby the first time.

Poor lil Baby E didn't get a moment of rest the entire time.
I sat for most of the concert. Thankfully we were at the end of a row and I could still see most of the stage even when sitting.

And the antacid I took before we left didn't last the entire night. On the way home, I started feeling SO sick b/c of the horrible reflux and add in nausea too.

But overall it was a good night I think. :) Just hope baby's hearing wasn't harmed b/c of the loud music.

I wasn't able to sleep in this morning like I was hoping.
MiL forgot that she had to take her father to the doctor this morning so I had to wake up when I usually do to go pick up the kiddos.
Sigh.... oh well. lol

Of course it was storming like crazy this morning so the drive to get them was a little scary, but we're all good :D

Could tell that Oren didn't get enough sleep when we got home. SO whiny. Just put him down for a nap. He cried for 2 seconds and hopefully passed out. He better get in a nice looooooong nap.

Oh... driving home last night was scary too. Rained super hard. Not fun to drive in in the middle of the night.

Sigh.. can already tell today is going to be rough.

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