Sunday, August 14, 2016

This is going to suck

Going to try to make a post on my phone lol. Not a details one. Just too much for me to,spend forever trying to type all that out on here lol.

Anywho.... I'm on my own tonight. In-laws came over tonight and dh got it in to his head to show off how he tosses Oren in to the air. Well... Oren,loves it... Dh's back? Not so much. He tweaked the crap out of it and by bed time, could barely move.
So yeah... He's sleeping out on the recliner and I'm here taking care of Ezra who is sleeping like shit and waking up every 20,or so,minutes for some reason.
It's going to be a very long, shitty night.

Dunno what we're gonna do tomorrow if his back is still bothering him. I shouldn't be picking up anything heavier than ezra, but we have Oren that needs taking care of. We're both gonna be in a world of hurt.
Oh... And... Ezra has his first appointment tomorrow. I was supposed to stay home while dh takes him in, but who,knows if that's going to,happen.


Anyway... It's been tiring,but good up until this point.
Pumping is going pretty ok. Still don't produce a lot, but thank goodness for formula and being able to give him that when there isn't enough boob juice.
Still in some pain, but feeling like this recovery is going better than the last 2 did.
Wish I could take the ibuprofen more often. Just hate that by the time I can take another, I'm walking around hunched over and in pain.

Still haven't pooped even though I've been popping stool softeners like there is no tomorrow. That's going to suck when it finally does,happen. If he's feeling ok..., should get dh to get me some prune juice. Need to get things moving along.

And blah blah. It's 2am and I need to focus on,massaging boobs while I pump lol. Will try to,post more. Going to be some weird typos and random commas since it will be from my phone, so bare with,me here :)

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