Monday, August 22, 2016

A little better

I'm managing to pump a little more each day. Got 550ml today and I really didn't pump enough but still got 43 more than I did yesterday. Happy about that.
I know it won't be enough when he's older, but for now, it's plenty :)
Nipples are still so sore and bleeding a little around the bottom part and areola that gets sucked in to the flange. Always makes my whole body cringe the first few seconds when I start pumping bc it's so sensitive and hurts.

Incision area is sore, but getting better. Kind of walked a bit too much today so it's more sore, but it's good for healing to get up and move around within reason.
I wasn't doing laps or anything lol, we just went to a couple of stores. Needed more nursing pads and other misc items.
Felt good getting out of the house even though it's hot as he'll outside.

Thankfully I'm not hot as he'll indoors any longer. It's so Damn nice not being a giant sweaty mess any longer. I'm actually getting a little cold every now and then at night and snuggle under my blanket that I haven't used in months lol.
Woooooo for not being hot and miserable!!

Bleeding has really let up. I still get small gushes every once in a while, especially after I've pumped and I'm washing everything, but that's about it. I could probably get away with just wearing panty liners. I used up my last diaper yesterday and started using pads today.
I'm sure it will drag out though like it did after Oren.

Weight and bloating seem to be going down slowly. Weighed myself today. Scale was messing up, but think the last 2 weights it showed were correct at 224. That's the heaviest I've been outside of pregnancy in a while. Hoping the scale will go down more, but I'm not going to worry about it too much just yet.
I know some of the weight is bc I am still bloated and swelling some.
But getting healthier and thinner will eventually be my goal. I want to be here a long time for my family.

The kids are doing well.
Zoe spent the weekend with the in-laws. They went to the mountains for the weekend and since they came back late last night, decided to keep her an extra night.
It always seems like she comes back bigger when she's gone for more than a night. Can't believe she's going to be in school next year. Also need to call around to the local martial arts places to see bout getting her in one of those classes.
I think she'll really enjoy doing that. Plus I just want her to be able to defend herself,if she ever needed to.
Unfortunately it seems like our world just keeps getting more and more fucked up and I want to make sure she (and the boys when too) can take care of herself.

Oren was a giant crying mess this weekend. Holy tantrum hell. He is soooooo much more dramatic than Zoe ever was. Meltdowns over absolutely nothing all weekend long.
He's still my sweet little guy though. He wants to hug his baby brother every chance he gets. It's sweet, but his hugs are him resting his head against you... His giant heavy head. Too heavy for a little newborn lol.
He's also,fascinated by Ezra's eyes for some reason. We have to always keep him from poking Ez in the eyeball. But it's been a good way to,teach him the name of all the face parts hehe.
Can't wait to snuggle with him more again.

Ezra is doing...,meh. He fights sleep like a toddler and it's so frustrating lol. I think it might be gas though. That and the fact that he keeps spitting out his pacifier and then getting upset bc he doesn't have it any longer. It's so nice when,they get to that stage where they can put the paci back in to their mouth lol.
He's also getting some pimples on his face. Hoping it's not eczema already and just normal,newborn acne.
I'm sure we'll be dealing with another bumpy eczema child though.
So sorry kiddos.... Both of your parents have it to some extent... You were screwed from the start.
And I swear I got some quick on purpose smiles today from him. He's staying awake just a little more and I was talking to him and got a quick big open mouth gummy smile.
Well... It might've been gas or something, but I'll just say it was on purpose.

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