Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Almost forgot!

Almost forgot that we have a concert to go to tonight. Lol... oops
Dropping the kids off this afternoon with granny.
Need to give both of their dirty butts a bath first. I have been seriously slacking in that department with them. Mommy's little dirt goblins lol.
Thankfully they don't stink and it's just food smudges on their face usually :P
I just can't get down on the floor to give them a bath in their tub and I like taking showers on my own, specially since I'm huge and our shower isn't that big :P lol
That's how I've been doing it though. Just pop them in the shower with me. Thankfully they both like water so it's not much of a struggle getting them clean.

Anyway... after dropping them off, I'm gonna wrap Zoe's birthday presents :D Finally see everything we bought her.. and then shake my head at how much we spoil her rofl.

Oh bath is done :D Oren had poop and I figured it would be a good time to just get it done and over with lol. Fitting all 3 of us in the shower is a challenge, but it works and I don't have to get on the floor or anything.

HA! Oren and I match and I didn't even realize it until just now. Both wearing black shorts and a camo print tank top rofl.

I think this baby has moved back up a little. I'm still getting some aches down low, but not nearly as much and reflux has kicked back up too. Also feeling more pushing up in to my lungs which is causing some shortness of breath. Down low... up high... it all sucks at this point :\

I'm gonna have to stop taking these iron pills too b/c they are causing some seriously bad nausea now. Eating first, eating after... neither works to relieve it. Just have to wait it out and hope it passes quick.

I'm feeling mostly fine though. Didn't really get the cleaning done that I wanted yesterday. Did the dishes and washed some laundry, but that was it.
Kids started acting up and it sucked the life right out of me lol.... sigh.

Man.. the storms here have been rough the past couple of days. Thankfully my area has been spared the worst of it, but other areas haven't been so lucky. Flooding, lightening strikes. Scary as heck.
Thought we were going to get blasted by a bad storm last night. Lightening like crazy with almost no pause in between the flashes. Some close hits, but nothing too close.

Sigh... my stomach needs to settle down already....

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