Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Such an old woman lol... (boring rambling coming up)

I love gardening. Well.. I love it other than the part where I need to go out in the heat :P Or dealing with bugs.
Part of a gardening group on FB and MAN.. I just love seeing the amazing harvests people get from their gardens. It makes me jealous since my success this year has been crap, but also happy b/c I know how happy those people must be to get such a good haul in lol.
Feel like such an old woman for getting excited about that, but oh well.
It's just fun growing your own stuff and then being able to eat it!
The few tomatoes we've gotten have been AMAZING in flavor.
You just don't know what you're missing if you've never had a freshly picked tomato. The flavor is insanely different than the tasteless ones you get in the store.

My plants have been seriously struggling this year. Decided to container garden since I was pregnant and knew I'd be heavily pregnant when it was time to harvest.
I didn't read enough in to it and the plants have been struggling. Nevermind the insane amount of bugs and this crazy ass heat.
Ordered some liquid fertilizer to see if it helps the indeterminate tomatoes out. Indeterminate means that they'll keep growing and producing until frost kills them.
I was using that slow release pellet stuff in their containers, but it's just not the right type of fertilizer for container growing. Since I have to water so often, it's diluting all of the nutrients out.
So yeah... we'll see what happens.
FX that we'll get more yummy tomatoes.

I've pretty much given up on the cucumber plants though. It's just too hot for them and the damn bugs are sucking the life out of them. Only reason I keep watering them is that they are still flowering and I want to give the few bees that show up something to collect.

Anywho... this year has been disappointing, but I've learned a lot and hoping next growing season will be a lot better :)

Oh... Oren is up. He's not crying yet so still have a little time to ramble some more! MUAHAHAHA

I swear... DH and I need to start making those blind bag/surprise eggs, etc etc videos for youtube and make millions. I dunno how the heck those videos got so popular, but damn... Zoe watches them all the time and most of the videos have millions of views. It's insane how popular they are!!
Add in a couple of finger song videos and we'd be set for life :P lol

And finally.. I need to drink more today. Only had some diet dr pepper and that's been in. Feeling really achy b/c of it I think. Anywho.. gotta go get my munchkin up :)

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