Monday, August 15, 2016

Details part 2

Forgot to mention, before DH and Ezra were gone to get his measurements and whatnot... Ezra kept sucking on his bottom lip making a very loud sucking sound in the OR. Everyone got a good giggle out of it.
It was so cute :D

Anywho... in recovery... I was pretty out of it. Just tired and on a high from just having a baby. It all kind of went by in a blur. Learned about a different way to bottle feed. The name is escaping me right now but you basically let baby suck on the bottle 2-5 times and then take the bottle away to let the swallow and whatever. It's supposed to help prevent so much spitting up. It seems to work though.
Ezra has spit up, but not nearly as much as Oren did.
Pace feeding? Think that's it....
We were eventually taken to my room and yeah. Just basic after c-sec care really. Again.. everything is a bit of a blur.
The lactation consultant that came in to talk to me was really nice though. Not pushy at all with breastfeeding and just really non-judgemental when I told her we'd be supplementing and I'd be pumping.
Of course she had to spout of all of those 'benefits' of breastmilk, but whatever. Other than that, she was really nice.
See... THAT is what baby friendly hospitals should be like. Yes.. you can promote breastfeeding.. nothing wrong with that, but do it in a manner that doesn't make moms feel bad if they don't want to or can't.

I asked for formula right away. I did start pumping, but I wasn't even getting droplets for the first day and a half, and after that it was just a droplet... if that much. Baby boy went without eating for about 12 or so hours which broke my heart b/c they said they were out of formula. WTF??
I kept asking for it and getting updates on where the hell it was and finally.. FINALLY they brought us some... and Ezra hated it at first. lol
He barely ate during his first day of life outside of the womb.
Thankfully his appetite did pick up the 2nd day though.
And... he never developed jaundice! WOO!
He was getting yellow.... don't care what that pediatrician says... but I think giving him formula helped to keep it away.
So happy about that.
MiL and aunt came by with the kids later in the first day. Zoe was happy.... Oren didn't know what was going on. He did keep pointing at Ezra and saying 'baby' though which was really cute lol.

And yeah... my stay in the hospital was really uneventful. Well... there was a family a door down from us that had their toddler spending the night with them. A toddler that they let run up and down the hallway screaming at the top of their lungs.

We got discharged on Thursday and well.. here we are.
DH has been doing most of everything. I was pretty helpless the first few days and still am right now. Recovery is going better, but still have to take it very slow and gotta make sure to take my pain meds.
Percocet has been knocking me out as usual. Can't wait to not need it anymore. Just when I think I can stop using it.. I start getting super sore again. Soon though.... I'll be stopping it soon.

I've been sleeping a ton. THink a lot of it is just my body needing the sleep to heal, but it's also the percocet. Bleh.
Ezra has been sleeping ok. He's been gassy since we switch from BM and formula, so he'll sleep like crap sometimes, but most of the time he's been good.

Oh... Oren is getting in to crap so gotta cut it off here :)

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