Monday, August 8, 2016

Do I just need to poop??

I either need to poop, or this baby is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on that area.
Started happening at around 5am. Just feeling this pressure in my butt that lasts for about 10seconds. Haven't been timing anything even though it's coming and going not on a regular basis.
It doesn't hurt.. just super frickin uncomfortable when it starts.

Also yesterday.... I experienced that vaginal pressure again. Lasted a little longer this time, but still wasn't painful.. just uncomfortable and unexpected.

DH and I were actually productive yesterday! WOO!
Him more than myself lol.
He washed all the clothes and I helped with the folding. Seriously... it took all day lol.
But we had the Olympics on and the kids were running in and out of the room.
Even though folding clothes sucks... it was all nice.
Also nice to have clean folded clothes too :P lol
Er well.. the kids don't have that. THeir clothes are still piled in a basket lol. I'm gonna work on that tonight though. Need to get their stuff together for when I'm in the hospital :)

OOOO but with the clean clothes... I was able to start packing a hospital bag! YAY!
Still needs all of the toiletries and whatnots, but baby clothes, my clothes and DH clothes and blanket have been packed :)
Can't believe it's almost time to welcome our 3rd LO in to the world.

Also can't believe it's Zoe's 4th birthday today! Holy moly... time sure does fly!
Waiting for DH to get home this afternoon to give her her presents. Well.. I might give her one or 2 of the smaller ones in the mean time. We'll see.
But 4 already. SHEESH
My little girl isn't going to be little for much longer...... yay and /cry lol.

I'll post some photos later. Want to get some today after I scrub off the dirt and put her in something cute :)

Oh learned that SiL is staying for 10 days. Yay :D Was afraid that their whole visit.. I was going to be stuck in the hospital. At least I hope I won't be if everything goes ok.
I'm just happy that she's gonna have a nice long vacation to visit with family and her baby is going to be spoiled rotten :)

This hand pain needs to stop already. It was just at night, but it's now hurting during the day too. Not as bad, but still there. AND it's gotten in to my left hand now too. Not as painful as the right one though thankfully.
Sigh... really hope this is one of those things that quickly go away once baby arrives.
I'll be on some good pain meds though so hope that helps lol.

Speaking of pain meds... realized this weekend that I won't be able to have my beer like I wanted right after birth... /cry
Feel like such a lush for being upset over that rofl.
Didn't even think about being on percocet and not being able to drink while on it. Well.. I guess if I was a dumbass I could, but ya know.. I'm not THAT much of a dumbass :P lol

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Did you go & have that baby?!?!