Friday, August 12, 2016

Details... part 1

DH took the kids to the store. We needed a bottle brush. Oops. Could've sworn that we had one, but oh well.

So details details....
Contractions for me really weren't that bad. Kind of wish I had gotten my cervix checked to see how dilated I was, but really didn't want to go through that uncomfortable experience again if I didn't have to.
When a contraction started, it just felt like I had to poop or had some trapped gas. Uncomfortable, but not painful at all. It would start in my bump. I could feel it tighten, then I'd get that tremendous amount of pressure in my butt.
SiL called and suggested that I take a warm bath to see if it helped ease them up. If it didn't, then I was in labor.
That was a fun experience lol. Or well... fun for the kids.
Cleaned out our garden tub and the kids were super excited to take a bath in it with mommy. Yep.... I had to share my bath with them :P lol
They are such little water rats heh.
Contractions were getting a little stronger. Not painful still, but seemed to space out just a little bit.
Decided that kids should just go to inlaws while DH and I waited to see what happened.
Can't remember when but I eventually decided to just call the hospital and go in. Contractions were coming about every 3-4mins and lasting around 40-50sec each. Still not painful, but getting more uncomfortable.
On the way to the hospital was when they started getting painful, but really not all that bad. Just like cramps that I've gotten at the start of a period. It was still the bump tightening and pressure in the butt sensation, but w/ an added twisted kind of pain to it.
Think it was around 11pm when we got to the hospital.
Thought I was just going to get monitored for a little while, but nope. Signed in and got all of the pre csec stuff going. Lots of paper signing, and uncomfortable IV fluid crap and being shaved. So awkward.

It didn't take too long though b/c some time after midnight, they wheeled me in to the OR. Got the epidural put in which sucked balls. I remember it hurting with Oren, but this one seemed worse. He hit some nerve at one point that made me jump.
Thankfully that didn't last too long though and it quickly numbed me right up.
Still super awkward knowing that you're naked from your chest down under some super bright lights lol.
Everyone was really nice though.
While everyone was chit chatting... I was just trying not to throw up all over everything. Wasn't expecting to go in to labor so I hadn't fasted at all. Throughout the procedure, they had to keep giving me meds to control the nausea. Thankfully it worked, but there were a few moments where I thought I was going to throw up, especially when they were tugging Ezra out.
Was expecting the tugging, but it also felt like they were pushing him up too which caused me to gag.

Also when he was being born, heard the OB say that there was copious amounts of meconium. That really scared me, but thankfully it seems that maybe it just happened b/c he cried right away and their suctioning of him cleaned him right out.
But anywho... when they said that baby was a boy.. DH and I both just burst in to tears. I would've either way lol. I'm just glad that DH got what he wanted. Not that he wouldn't have loved a little girl though. He just didn't want Oren growing up without another little boy in the family to play with like he did.
Anyway... it was an amazing moment. Once Ezra was cleaned up some, they gave him to DH and we all just sort of snuggled together while they tied my tubes and sewed me back up.
OB mentioned that I had a lot of scar tissue so it was a great idea that I was getting my tubes tied. Not sure what that means, but I guess the scar tissue would've made any pregnancy after this one more difficult and high risk?
Anywho.. DH and Ezra were whisked away while they finished me up.
Once done, they wheeled me in to the recovery area where DH and Ez were waiting. That's where I heard how much Ez weighed. Shocked the heck out of me lol. 9lbs 1.2oz. I was expecting bigger than the other 2... but not that much bigger heh.
He really doesn't look huge to me though. His cheeks are really chunky, but he's not a little butterball. You can definitely tell he's heavy when you pick him up though :)

Oh... gotta go for now... baby boy is crying and needs to be fed :) Will try to add more details later.

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