Friday, August 19, 2016

Better, but not great

Currently pumping before bed. Been keeping track of just how much I'm getting and it has increased the last couple days. Still not anywhere close to what this sheet of paper says it should be at, but oh well.
I do need to pump a little more though. Maybe try every 2.5 hours and see how that goes and if I can get these boobs to produce a little more. Just difficult to do when you have little kids and not wanting to feel like you're living your life by when you need to pump again.
It's been pretty,good So far, but I can see this becoming a burden quick when dh goes back to work and it's just me.

Speaking of, dh tweaked his back again today. Its not as bad he says, but still bad. Poor guy.
He goes back to work in 2 weeks. Sigh... Not sure how ready ill be for that, but not much Choice and we're lucky that he could take off for 4 weeks.

Ezra is still good. Was fighting sleep tonight for some reason. I held him when,i wouldn't settle and of course he went right to sleep. Awww.... Wish i,could hold him longer, but gotta pump and not safe to hold him while I sleep.
Can definitely see why people bed share. We did a few times with Oren, but it's just not safe which,is why,it was only a few times when,we were desperate.

I think he's gonna be purposefully smiling soon. At least i hope so lol

Definitely think he's gonna have brown,eyes like the,other 2. His eyes are already pretty dark like theirs were. MiL was hoping for another blue eyed baby, but that's not gonna come from us lol. Dh's genes are strong, but not that one.

Hmmm, looks like I could upload photos from my phone to here, but the files are too big and it would take forever. Will try to get some more photos posted soon...ish.

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