Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hooray for granny panties!!

Bought a pack of cotton granny panties and damn are they comfortable! They're huge and soft and I wear them proudly!

Learned that SiL is coming in on Friday with her family. Thought she'd wait at least until we were home to visit, but guess she really wants to be here when baby is born lol.
I mean I don't really have a problem with it. Just hate that I'll be stuck in the hospital while they're here. Not that I'd be much entertainment at home either though :P lol
Plus I guess it's ok b/c MiL thinks that SiL is going to help watch Zoe and Oren while here. Yeah... don't think so. SiL has her 6mo baby to watch. But I'm sure MiL will be holding that LO every chance she gets too so.. we'll see lol.

It's 330am right now. Woke up at 2 needing to use the bathroom and couldn't get back to sleep. Got hot and then just couldn't get comfortable again. Sigh....

Going to go lay back down at 4 or 430. Try to get some more sleep hopefully.

I wanted to kick DH in the balls so GD much at dinner today. He was only joking around, but there comes a point when you stop joking and just STFU. Especially when you're dealing with an extremely uncomfortable, very pregnant wife.

He wanted me... just me to decide what we were gonna do for Zoe's birthday. Dude.. I'm not the only fucking parent.
So I said that to him.. minus the F bomb. So WE decided to have a little family get together Sat night for her birthday. And of course he had to start in on the "You're cleaning everything. I'm not doing anything." Jokes and just kept at them. Holy shit did it piss me right off. I knew he was joking... but good lord I wanted to ball punch him SO bad just to shut him up.

Guess I'm just hormonal right now or something? B/c that usually wouldn't bother me lol.
We've been together long enough that I can just ignore him b/c I'm used to it.

We're supposed to be seeing Suicide Squad in the morning after we drop the kids off. Going to need lots of buttery popcorn to keep me awake during it. I know the reviews for it haven't been good, but I don't care. We're seeing it anyway!

That woman that had her baby and baby is in NICU updated some. Said that her poor baby boy is having seizures and they can't cool him down as much as they would like b/c it makes his heart rate drop too much.
Feel so bad for her and that little baby.
But makes me really question WTF went wrong b/c her scans never showed anything and I find it hard to believe that he never showed signs of distress during labor (like she claims.. think she's just in denial at this point though). Especially with EIGHT hours of pushing. She did mention that he pooped while still in her... so I'm thinking all of this was brought on by meconium aspiration and he's now having these problems b/c he went too long without oxygen.

And of course the idiot homebirther in the group had to come in and comment about how "At least you got your VBAC! That counts for something right?" That's not word for word but it is basically what she posted.
Bitch... if I could reach through my computer to bitch slap your stupid ass.. I would.
At least NOTHING.
Oh yeah sure... at least you got to push your baby out of your vagina b/c ya know.. that's what is important right now! :\

I don't blame the mom for wanting a VBAC and trying for it (although her stupid antics to get labor started royally pissed me off). It sounded like everything was going perfectly and well.... this happened. BUT.... 8 hours of pushing does not sound normal to me at all. I dunno if maybe she's mistaken with her time or what, but if she really was pushing off and on for 8 damn hours.... someone needs to investigate the doctor or midwife or whoever that let it go on for THAT long. There is no damn way that baby was not showing signs of distress if they were monitoring her/baby constantly.

I know SiL was pushing for about 3 or 4 hours according to MiL and her doctors were very close to taking her in for a c-sec if she couldn't get baby out.

Sigh..... I just really hope her baby is going to be ok. Please let him be ok :(

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