Thursday, September 1, 2016

I wanna sleep,like a baby

That would be nice right about now bc it would mean multiple hours long naps all throughout the day. Pure heaven lol

We're supposed to get hit by that hermine hurricane. Thankfully where we are, if it stays its current course, then we'll only be getting the putter edge of it. We could be seeing temps in the mid 70s tomorrow though. Woooooo!! I haven't been that hot, but it's still gonna be nice having that temp even if it's raining.
Just hope everyone that is hit with this storm directly remains safe during.

We bought a box of bottles that came with 6 kids. It wasn't too expensive, but it's still bullshit that medela or anyone else doesn't sell kids separate to go,on their bottles.

I've been getting headaches the last few days. Not terrible ones, but Ibuprofin usually didn't do much. Took Tylenol and thankfully that helped a lot. Can still feel the headache, but only just barely.
Thinking that maybe it's hormone related.

Dh has had a fire under his butt the last couple of days. He's cleaned out the sunroom and pretty much made it in to the kids playroom. Still a bunch of their junk,in the,living room still lol.
Now he's cleaning out the dining room so he can,set up the exercise stuff. That dining room was a disaster area when we took everything out of the nursery room. Going to be a lot of crap being put elsewhere...where? I have no idea. That's up to him lol.

I really hope Oren grows out of this 'cries over every Damn thing' phase he's going through. Good Lord is it frustrating and irritating.
I love him with all my heart, but wish he would just shut up when he starts up with his tantrums.

And with that mom confession... Gotta and it here. Focus on trying to massage out every drop of milk I can.
I love the bigger boobs...not these raw nipples though.

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