Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Everywhere and back again

Can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but DH is off the whole week this week which means we've been going everywhere to try to get as much done as possible while he's off.

We have the paint ready for the nursery.
He's moved his computer in to the living room temporarily.
We had eye exams... he has a dentist appointment... etc etc etc.

Feels like we haven't actually relaxed at home for more than just a few minutes which is why I haven't posted in a bit.


Had to call my doctor's office for the results of my 1hr glucose test and I failed it, but just barely. Cut off was 130 and I was at 134.
But with how I failed the 3hr before, they're allowing me to skip doing it and just start checking my sugars.
BUT that's not going to start until I get some black code key thing for my tester which I hadn't needed before but apparently do now. I'll get that in about a week probably. Hopefully my doctors won't give me any shit for starting a little late. I'm not going to be stuffing my face full of bad shit until then or anything so don't see a problem.
But I remember how one of the doctor's there was... just had an air of condescension whenever she saw that I had off sugar levels bc of things I had eaten. Her look and tone was as if she was talking to a child. Didn't like her much, but thankfully I don't have to see her that often. I do think I see her my next appointment though... bleh. BUT I get another u/s then so WOO :D

Have to get used to my computer being in the living room now. Thankfully have internet on it again (WOO), but since the monitor or in this case the tv, isn't right in my face, it's a bit more difficult to see all of the smaller text. Tried making everything larger but it screwed with the resolution too much. Oh well... not a huge problem.

Eye exam today was typical. MAN I hate those drops they put in your eyes. Not that they hurt or anything, I just hate drops in the eyes. I ALWAYS spaz out and start blinking like crazy and can't hold still. Such a PITA lol.
Thankfully my eyesight hasn't changed though and I get a spiffy new pair of glasses :D
Of course I had to pick out the most expensive pair they had (without realizing it), but also thankfully we have 1k left to spend on our insurance so we're not really paying anything OOP for our new glasses :)
I love my current glasses though. They're light weight, frameless and stay on my head well. Only thing that is a problem is that you need 2 hands to put them on b/c they spring back to a closed position automatically. You can't just flip one thing open at a time.
Oh welp.... these new glasses that I got are pretty nice. The frame around the lenses are silver and the uhm.... side ear piece part is this pretty lavender color with a butterfly on one side. Seriously... WTH is the name of that part of glasses? o_O
Anyway... I wanted something different and a bit flashy. They had these cute blue ones last year but didn't have them this year :(
I wanted some vintage looking cat eye type of style ones, but they didn't have many of those. The ones they did have were too small for my face :( Damn you big round face and big head!!

Our poor cat. One of his really bad paws (one of his back paws), the pad burst open and he's getting blood everywhere. He irritates it whenever he walks around so there are blood spots everywhere. Need to get him in to the vet so they can at least take a look and I dunno.... see what we can do to try to help.
I wish the meds we could give him weren't so expensive and was guaranteed to work to fix his paws.
Anywho... it looks so gross. The outer skin split and the inner part is bulging out. I can't imagine that it feels good at all to walk on it. I want to wrap it up but he would freak out and would probably chew it off in no time.
Anyone with cats know how they are though. Could be in the worst pain ever, but they would never let you know it.

Can't remember if I mentioned this before, but DH and myself finally felt baby boy from the outside! I'm sure I could have before, but finally caught him moving at the right time and in the right spot.
Still feeling most of the movement down low but I am getting more frequent movements up higher.

And I'm pretty sure we've decided on a name. It's about 99% at this point. I think DH still wants to look through the rest of the baby name book, but we always come back to the same name.

Oren Bishop. We've even gotten Zoe saying the name. She still doesn't understand what it's for though lol.
Bishop isn't the first name like I had originally wanted, but I think it flows really nice this way. And I'm pretty sure we're going with that spelling of Oren.

So YAY on a name... or what it will most likely be :D

We bought a few things for the nursery too :D
Bought a superhero rug (DC heroes), and this really cool Thor's Hammer night light decal thing.

They have a few other ones... like ninja turtles, iron man, etc. Very cool I think :D
Also got a print for the room and uhm... I think that might be it for now.
Target also had a DC or Avengers blanket too that we'd like to get.

Just have to figure out the city scape tape everything and just yeah... a lot of work. Also have to figure out which heroes I'll be painting on the walls and sketching those out. I found a photo of a really cute style I'd like to try to mimic... just have to get around to doing it. Will have to when Zoe is down for a nap and bedtime though. She'd see my sketchbook and would want to start doodling in it herself lol. I'll start on those tonight probably.

Zoe's attitude man... she is definitely in to the terrible two's. Good lord she is in full on toddler mode.
I know I've said that before but it just keeps escalating lol. It's like it can't get worse and then BOOM, she's doing something that's making us groan. lol
I'm sure it could be a lot worse but it's still very.... very frustrating at times.

And finally... we're getting new phones! YAY! Not that I'm a big phone person though. I just want one with a better camera. My current one is SO damn slow taking photos that by the time it takes it, it's missed the moment I had wanted to capture. Getting an LG something something lol. Tested it out and the camera seems to be pretty fast and decent quality. Everything else... again, I could care less about. I am not a person with their nose in their phone all the time.
The only times you'll see me with my phone out in public is to check the time, if someone calls, if I've lost Dh in a store and I'm texting him to see where he's wandered off, or if we're looking up prices really quick on something.
Call me old fashioned but I just can't see how people constantly have their attention on their phones as much as some people do. Look up and see the world damnit!

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