Friday, December 12, 2014

There is a limit

Ok one more post about my sugar levels.

I had a breast, thigh and another biscuit for dinner tonight and my number was 112. So there is a limit on how much 'bad' stuff I can eat. Still... it's a lot more than I thought I could have and WOOHOO! I know I keep repeating myself but damn is it nice to not have to be SO damn strict. I can have small cheats here and there and not feel like I'm totally deprived if I want something junky. *happy dance*


I knew it!

Ok no I didn't lol.
I just looked back through my blog and my 1hr results with Zoe was 160. A lot higher than with this little guy. Not sure why, but glad it's not as bad.

I guess that's why I can eat a bit more than I could with her. Not complaining at all :)

Also, it looks like my morning fasting level did start to go crazy a little early on. I swear I thought it wasn't bad at first... maybe that only lasted for a short while. Oh well. Hoping I won't have to go on anything this time. That would be awesome :)

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