Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ah, there it is

Yesterday, I had some kimbap and 1 piece of fried chicken for lunch. Got the kimbap from my mom and was still hungry so ate some chicken.
If you're not familiar with kimbap, it's basically Korean sushi roll lol. It has the rice, meat, whatever on the inside and is rolled in a seaweed sheet.
Welp..... my glucose level was definitely higher than it should've been at 130. Still not terrible, but just goes to show that there is a limit on what I can have.

Just ate the last of the chicken which was 3 pieces so we'll see what my level is in an hour.
Shouldn't be too bad though since I peeled off a lot of the breading.

Overall though it's been good. My fasting level was a 91 yesterday which is a point over what it should be. We'll see if it happens again. I probably will have to go back on glyburide eventually if this is anything like my pregnancy with Zoe.

SiL came in from Cali yesterday.
MAN I really hope she has her take home baby soon. Her husband is still out to sea w/ the navy and won't be back until Feb. I'm keeping everything crossed for them.
Sounds like she has some plans in mind for when he does come back involving fertility treatments. I just hope it's successful. She would make a wonderful mom.

Zoe spent the night w/ aunt. UGh....... this aunt. She's just one of those family members that you put up with and you love, but you really don't like a lot of the times.
I don't mind Zoe spending the night with her or anything, but just some of the shit that comes out of aunt's mouth.
When we told the family what the name was..... we knew they weren't going to like it, especially with the suggestions they had been giving us. Just very common popular names right now.
Oren isn't totally out there, but its not one you hear often at all either.
DH and I both saw the look of disgust on aunt's face when she heard the name and she keeps insisting that it's Corren (however it's spelled).
Then last night at dinner... she was like... "I'm just going to call him Bishop." Then, started laughing to herself and thinking she was SO hilarious... "Or I'll just call him Little Bish!"
Say Bish out loud to yourself and tell me what it sounds like. Yeah...... I wanted to reach over the table and slap the shit out of her.
I wouldn't care if she wanted to call him Bishop since that is his middle name, but Bish.... b/c it sounds like Bitch? I don't fucking think so woman.
And then other SiL kept saying baby "Franklin" which is DH's and FiL's middle name, even though she knows the name now too.

Again, I don't care if they don't like the names we've picked out, but don't be a fucking dickhead about it either. They have 3 months to get used to his name, if not.... they're going to get a talking to that they won't like.

Enough ranting.....

We took Zoe to see Santa yesterday :D She only really just now recognizes who Santa is and seemed pretty excited. She'd look at him and point and say quietly "Santa".
As soon as she got on his lap though..... nothing. Thankfully no tears like she had last year lol, but no smiles or anything else for that matter either ROFL.
She just looked so overwhelmed and didn't know WTF was happening. She wouldn't even look at Santa :P
Oh well....
I'll post the photos (along with all the other photos I've been promising to post) a bit later.

She was really excited about the free coloring book she got from him though. That's all she talked about for the rest of the afternoon... then she promptly tore it up later and didn't speak of it again... sigh. lol

We also bought her a bunch of little stocking stuffers :D YAY for Target and Michael's dollar racks! Got her some stickers (which she LOVES even though stickers only last for maybe 10mins at the most b/c they're ruined), a giant pen, fake tattoos, and some small cheap books. She's gonna love it and damn is she going to be spoiled this year heh.

We also broke down and bought her some panties too. Cute little female superhero emblem ones and Frozen ones. Not sure when I'll actually be brave enough to start trying to potty train her, but we'll see. Just not looking forward to the accidents on the carpet lol.

I haven't worked on the nursery in a few days now. Oops lol.
Just haven't felt like it. I'm about to get my butt up and do something though. I want to start taping it up today. Just have the city scape to finish which shouldn't take too long and sketching out the superheroes and figuring out if there will be more. Ok... so I don't think taping will happen today after typing all that out lol. Still have so much to do. SHIT... and we were just at Michael's. Should've looked at their paint pens or something like it for the wall. Need something for the heroes.
Oh well, it's not even 10mins away from us. I can just go there whenever.

Pippin (our chihuahua puppy) is saying byebye to his balls tomorrow. Don't think it will stop him from pissing all over the floor though.
I think some of it might be seperation anxiety b/c it doesn't matter how long we're gone, we'll always come home to piss on the floor, but some of it... I don't know. Just fucking frustrating is what it is.
We went to dinner at 5:30, didn't get home until 8:30. 3 hours... not THAT long.
We came home to FOUR puddles of piss and thankfully only a tiny cheeto turd.
I don't know if he is marking or if he truly can't hold it or what... but just UUUUUUUUUUUUGH.
I just don't know what to do. I guess we could get a crate but I would really prefer not to since our other dogs aren't. Just wouldn't seem fair to stick him in one while the other dogs got to roam free.

I love his stupid little ass, but damn... this is just...... annoying! I thought chihuahuas were supposed to be smart. Not this one....... not this one......

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