Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Every 2 hours

Finally got the black key card thing for my glucose meter last night and so far so good.
All levels have been great so far and hopefully remain that way. My highest was from dinner last night and it was still only 92 so I think I'm doing good. We'll see what happens when I do eat something I shouldn't though. Not that I would eat a lot of it but I am interested to see what the meter will show.

Had a couple of teeny bites of some cookies DH made for his work's cookie exchange. Only small bites though b/c they were spiced rum cookies. They were good though. He found a good recipe :)
Going to suck when he brings home all of the cookies from the other people though. Guess we'll see what my sugar does if I eat one :P

I mentioned that we bought a new carpet cleaner right? I don't like it.
It picks up the dog hair that vacuuming missed (which apparently is a hell of a lot), but it doesn't suck up the water it puts out very well. So gross when the carpet still feels sopping wet and takes forever to dry. I've only used it in the nursery even though the living room and rest of the house desperately need to be cleaned.

I got that nursery carpet as clean as it's going to get. It's still stained in areas, but not as obvious as it was before. It actually looks nice now.
I used the hand tool for the cleaner on the entire room b/c it's just better to get that deeper cleaning action. My poor back and lower bump were killing me. Thankfully the aching didn't last too long. Well.. my back is still a bit jacked up but it's not too bad.

Now I just need to get to work on the mural that I still haven't drawn anything out for.
I have an idea for 2 more super heroes... but not sure exactly where they're going. Will figure it out.

Oh and remember that Thor hammer wall night light thing I mentioned that we bought from Target online? Well, we had to go out and get another one b/c apparently, neither one of us looked very close at the shipping address. I went on FB and my cousin sends me an IM telling me thanks and how her son is going to LOVE his new Thor hammer /facepalm.
I would've asked it back, but she had just been telling me the other day how she was needing to sell some stuff to make ends meet so yeah... I wasn't about to tell her it was a mistake and to send it to us.
We're not rich, but we're not hurting for money either so we can afford to be out another $30 and to make her son's Christmas just a little more special.
Does make me feel bad though b/c she also has 2 girls. So it's going to look like we only bought something for one of her kids lol. I did send her a gift card too though so hopefully she'll at least think we didn't know what else to get so just sent that instead :P lol

It really amazes me how easily and quickly Zoe picks up things... especially when it comes to technology.
Was letting her play with my kindle yesterday, she hands it to me b/c she had apparently stumbled upon the app store and was trying to download a free toddler puzzle game lol.
I got it for her and she was enjoying it. She got a big frustrated so DH showed her that she had to match the shapes to solve the puzzles. After that... smooth sailing. Plus on this game, you have to drag the X to a box to exit out of it and she figured that out all by herself.
Just so amazing how fast she picks things up.

Oh and I finished her dragon today. That thing man... PITA!! And it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted but Zoe seems to love it. It's a bit heavy so she has some difficulty carrying it lol. While I was sewing it's head on to the body, she kept hugging and kissing it and calling it her hippo :P lol
I took some photos that I'll post later.

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