Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry the day after Christmas!

Or Happy Holidays if you celebrate something else... or WOO it's Friday! For anyone that doesn't celebrate anything :D

Yesterday was great and SO tiring.
Had to wake up early to put ham in the oven and even then it could've used at least another 30min-1hr.
Oh well.

Zoe took to opening her presents like a champ lol. Santa brought her the easel which she loves and she LOVED opening everything else. Would rip some paper off and want to put it in the bag of trash hehe. It was a very tidy Xmas morning here :P lol

I just set up her Little People princess castle thing for her (which was easy but also a PITA) and she's playing with it right now. We'll have to upgrade to a much larger doll house eventually but she loves it :)
Now have to set up/open everything else for her..... as soon as we figure out where to put everything.

She made out like a bandit though. Her and her cousins. Holy crap... they all got SO much stuff. I can understand though. It's just SO much fun shopping for LOs. You see all of this stuff that you know they'll love and it's hard to resist getting it. Heck, up until Xmas eve we were still wanting but resisting the urge to buy more for Zoe lol.

Ok, just set up her hello kitty play tent thing. Holy crap it's HUGE but Zoe loves it too. She's crawling in and out of it :)

I got a game, Guardians of the Galaxy from Dh's friends. We already bought Guardians but oh well.
And then DH got me 2 shirts.... same thing I got for him heh. We kept our gifts simple and cheap since we were going all out for everyone else.

Went out to Target (2 different ones) and Home Depot this morning.
There were a couple of ornaments I wanted to try to get for Xmas next year for half off. Got a couple, but not the one I was hoping they'd have. It was a cutesy looking Spiderman and I think they had some cutesy Star Wars ones too. They did have 2 storm troopers but both of them were broke. OH well... They'll probably have it next year, so will try again then.... or more like pay full price for them b/c the hell if I'm going out with 2 youngins lol. And yes, I did go to 2 different ones just to look for those ornaments lol. It was still early though so not a lot of people out.
People be crazy up in the Xmas sections though. Good lord they go crazy for the discount Christmas stuff. People with their carts filled to the brim and then some with it. Insane.

Actually had to wake Zoe up. Poor girl woke up at 3 last night and was coughing every 5mins or so. Not a bad cough though thankfully. I was already awake b/c Fuck pregnancy insomnia.. that's why :\
About to put Zoe down for a nap in a second.

Oh and I went to Home Depot to color match the yellow acrylic paint I was using in the nursery. Yes... I started to paint *gasp* lol
Yellow acrylic paint just SUCKS ASS. It doesn't cover anything for shit and you have to use so many layers.
After the paint peeled off a few spots.. I just said screw it and went and got some actual for the walls paint to use in there. I only got a sample size which is plenty... not going to go over every single spot if I can help it. Just over the obvious areas that need to be covered.

Oh and looked at Target online today and bought a bunch of clothes for baby boy too. Had to be quick b/c a lot of what I did want was already sold out. Frickin love a good clearance sale.

Oh but Christmas was good overall. Zoe had a blast with her cousins and all of the new stuff she got. And yeah... it was good.... well.. except for dinner. The salad and roll I had were good and.... that was it. We were supposed to have steak but someone royally screwed up the giant piece of expensive meat that was purchased.
They were trying to cook it like a prime rib roast but it ended up cooking like an extremely dried out pot roast. There was so much of it left b/c it was disgusting. Just a total waste. Such a shame b/c I was looking forward to some good steak :(

We're supposed to be going back tonight for turkey. Hopefully it won't be ruined lol.

And yep.... think I need to take my glyburide with dinner. My fasting level has been in low to mid 70's the last 2 days which IMO is too low. Going to try taking the glyburide earlier to see if it helps.

Baby boy didn't move at all when we were at inlaws. Think he could hear all of the noise and froze. Made me paranoid though so when we came home real quick mid afternoon, I dopplered just to check on him and his lil heart was beating and he kicked a few times.


And this is my cue that Zoe needs a nap. Defiant and grumpy is never a good combo in a toddler.

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