Tuesday, December 16, 2014


So, my appointment today went well, although it took FOREVER.
I got in for the u/s on time and got to see our little man really well. He was turned breech (which explains why I feel so many kicks down low) so the u/s tech got some really decent profile shots.
Also.... he seemed to be measuring just fine. They didn't say if he was measuring on track or ahead or what, but I'm guessing he's just measuring as he should be from the last u/s. From the few measurements I caught a glimpse of when I managed to rip my eyes away from just looking at him, I think I saw measurements between 27-28. So yeah... he's all good and looking good in there :)

Pretty sure he was sleeping too. Not much movement other than a couple of twitches hehe.

These are the best shots she could get. She could've gotten better but by the time she hit whatever button that takes the photo... well this was the result. I'm not complaining though. That's my cute little man in there all snuggly  :)

And because I haven't posted one in a while. Here's a bump shot. I feel like my bump is bigger, but I just look thicker all around.

Oh but the 2nd half of the appointment.... UGH.
It was SUPER busy and with only 1 doctor working... well.. things got seriously backed up. We waited for over an hour to talk to the doctor a whole 2 minutes. :\
I mean obviously we would've talked to her longer if I had questions but still.... geeze.

So... now my appointments go every 2 weeks. Holy... crap! O_O

In other news... here's the crochet thing I was working on. It's not as great as I was hoping it would turn out but oh well.

You can see Zoe's little hands grabbing the leg for at least a tiny bit of perspective? lol
It's about half the height of Zoe.
I'm not completely thrilled with it but she loves it and that's what matters :)
She'll forget all about it once Christmas rolls around and she gets her whole new batch of toys though lol.

And finally... some of Zoe's awesome "happy" unibrow faces lol.


I tried getting a photo of the progress in the nursery, but the pencil is just too light to pick up very well on my phone.
I'll try to get better photos.

Pretty sure there was something else I wanted to mention but... oh well. If I think of it will save it for another post :)

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