Tuesday, December 30, 2014


DH is out on guy's night. He hasn't had one in forever b/c of the holidays and just b/c everyone is so busy.

Sitting here resting my back after finishing up the 2nd part of the nursery wall. Really misjudged how much paint we would need for that section. We bought a gallon and yep... still have almost the entire gallon left. Oops. Could've probably gotten away with maybe 2 sample sizes.
Oh well. Too late now.

DH just needs to tape up the ceiling and I need to tape up the edges of what I just painted so we can finish the rest of it. Hoping he'll do the upper stuff so I won't have to lol.

Will probably start working on some of the superheroes in the mean time.

Will post progress photos tomorrow if I remember.

Embarrassing and gross.... went to the bathroom 10mins ago and saw that apparently... I had sharted and didn't even realize it. Looked to have just been a tiny tiny bit that came out but still.. EW.
Can't believe I didn't even realize it had happened. I did have some gas earlier but it didn't feel like anything special lol.

My cold is def getting worse. Still not too bad but my throat is starting to ache. Can't tell if it's from mouth breathing, not drinking enough, or just the cold.
But my voice is definitely giving out on me. It hasn't completely gone away, just cracking and I sound like I'm sicker than I feel lol. Would not be surprised if it's gone tomorrow morning. I hope not.. but also kind of hope it is too.
I know that's weird, but I've never lost my voice before and I dunno... just think it would be something new to experience.

Zoe gets so worried over me and it's adorable! When I start to ache or like today whenever I sniffed my head would feel like someone was crushing it.... she would come over all worried and say "Mommy, what's wrong? What's wrong mommy?"
OH GAWD I just can't handle the cuteness from her sometimes lol. Love my munchkin so much.

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