Friday, December 12, 2014

Bad food

So.... I went out and got my fried chicken and biscuits from a place called Bojangles. It's similar to Popeyes if you have one of those in your area...I just like Bo better. They just taste better and everything doesn't have the cajun seasoning on it. Plus the biscuits are SO good.

Anyway... went out and bought some. Ate a biscuit (their biscuits are HUGE), chicken breast and a wing. Just checked my sugar and.......

109!! WOOOO!

OMG the entire 2 hours after eating I've been worried that I was going to have some super high number after eating what I did, but NOPE! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!
So stinkin happy and time to go eat some more b/c I bought a ton of it :P lol
Man that just makes me ridiculously happy though. I don't have to pass up rolls, or a small serving of rice, fries, etc. I can eat them and not feel guilty about it! YAY! Well... at least for now. I'm sure things can progressively get worse. Just have to keep pricking my finger and keeping up with better eating :)

Also... testing every 2 hours is making me REALLY want to snack during those 2 hours. I'm not even hungry, but just knowing I have to wait makes me want to eat. WTH? Stupid brain!

Also stomach pains have subsided. It still feels bleh and off down there, but after I pooped for a 2nd time... the aching stopped. Thank goodness. This has been the first time for this type of gut pain which is why I didn't think it was. Just glad it's over with now and hope it doesn't happen again.

Just saw that my state is #1 on worst drivers list. It is absolutely no shock to anyone that has been here.
Light just turned red and you have plenty of time to stop? Pfft, go anyway!
Turn signal? What's that??
Stop signs? They're optional.
Texting while driving? Absolutely!
Going 10mph below the speed limit in the fast lane... yes please!

And so on and so forth. Seriously, it's one of the reasons why I don't go out past a certain time usually and still hate going out early.

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