Sunday, December 7, 2014

So much left

So we went out and bought a new carpet shampooer last night. Still a Hoover like our other one. Hopefully not a giant piece of shit like the other one, but we'll see.
Still have so much left to do in that nursery concerning the carpet.
We had those big plastic mats down where our desk chairs were and right at the edge of mine is where one of our dogs always used to lay. Well there is a nice gross outline of the mat with a nice gross layer of caked in dirt in the carpet.
I didn't know it was there until after I had shampooed it the other day so I've been having to wait for it to dry which is taking forever b/c it's cold and that room door is usually closed.
Have our space heater in there pointed at it to hopefully speed things up.
Then I have to take a fork... yes... a fork... to try to loosen all of the dirt to vacuum up.
My ass and lower back ache so much from doing some of that yesterday.
Other than the aching though... strangely enough.. I actually kinda enjoy doing it. It sucks that the dirt is there and it's a PITA, but loosening up the dirt and knowing I'm doing something just feels nice.

I'm getting that floor as clean as possible damnit!

So we told DH's family yesterday at lunch baby boy's name. We've definitely settled on Oren Bishop.
They did not like it, but thankfully they have enough sense to not actually make rude comments lol. You could tell they didn't like it though, but oh well. They'll get used to it.
It's a different name, but it's not like it's some super weird one.
They'll learn to love it like we do... and if not, well then they can turn back time and have a baby and name it whatever they want :P lol

It has been SO difficult this time eating well. I REALLY want some sweets, but it hasn't been too hard to avoid them. It's just finding something filling and satisfying to eat. Especially now since beef is so gawd damned expensive so all we have is chicken chicken and more chicken. So damn tired of frickin chricken.

I just know this OB is going to ask why I hadn't been testing. That thing I need for my monitor better arrive tomorrow or Tuesday. If it doesn't, I'll just have to suck it up and call my doc office to get a new one.

Zoe just loves the Christmas tree... which is expected. She loves looking at all of the ornaments, but especially the Darth Vader one we have lol.
I don't know why she gravitates towards that character so much. Yes, we're huge nerds and all but we never pushed her in to liking just him or anything.
Maybe b/c he's so recognizable that's why she likes him?
It's pretty cute though. Will have to get video of her saying Darth Vader and doing his breathing sound lol.

Oh and whenever we ask her "What's your brother's name?" She just shakes her head and says "No" lol. Oh she's going to be in for a rude awakening in just a few months.
She will say his name though. Most of the time correctly (for the most part), but sometimes she'll say Oren as Orange. So cute :D

Not so cute though..... the girl whines and cries about EVERYTHING. Not sure how to get her to stop. We've tried the whole "use your words" thing to her and yeah... that doesn't work lol.

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