Thursday, December 18, 2014


So, remember when I was being all scroogy in my last post about the DS... well turns out MiL has one that she's not playing with any longer. It's pretty much brand new so we're giving that to the kid instead of buying new. We are going to buy a couple of games for it. And hopefully he won't care that it's purple. I know how kids that age can be but hopefully he won't care.
Anywho, so that's nice.

I'm just so over avoiding foods you're not supposed to eat while pregnant. Well, I still won't eat lunch meat b/c DH freaks out about that one, but I just ate me a nice big bowl of imitation crab meat salad. I've been craving it and bought some last grocery trip. Made it yesterday and just ate some today.
Obviously that 'what if' worry is in the back of my mind, but hell.... you're just as much at risk from getting listeria from eating salad or fruit than you are lunch meat of this stuff, but no one tells pregnant women to avoid eating fruit and salad :\
It's like that incident that happened just recently w/ the peaches that were contaminated and a poor baby ended up dying b/c of it.
You just can't predict these things.
So yeah... I'm over being super paranoid b/c... it's just tiring. I'd be eating air if I followed all the guidelines.

I swear baby boy was transverse again last night. I felt him simultaneously on my right and left sides and he was having a good ole time in there too just kicking, punching and squirming around.
Obviously he's flipping around since he was head down and he was breech on Tuesday. Still kind of strange that he still has that much room to move though hehe.

MiL thinks that he doesn't look like Zoe from the u/s pics we got. I kind of agree with her but obviously you can't really tell too much by the pics.
Zoe has her daddy's nose and to me, it looks like baby boy is going to have mine which is a little longer and slightly larger. Wish I had a good profile shot of Zoe's face when I was still pregnant with her so I could compare.

Just got done making 4 batches of fudge puddle cookies and my back is killing me.
It was sugary torture hell not being able to eat everything lol. I'm so used to sampling everything as I bake so... I had to make an effort not to do it.
I did have one cookie though so at least I could have that.

Speaking of that though.... my sugar levels seem to be creeping up today. My fasting was over 90 which isn't ideal and I got chick-fil-A again. I ate a chicken biscuit and 3 hash rounds and my sugar was over 100.
So yeah.... might just be one of those days where my body wants to run high, or it could be an indicator that I'll have to be stricter in the future. We'll see what happens.

UGH, we have a family get together on Sunday to go to. I wouldn't normally say UGH, it's just the people throwing it... ugh lol. Plus... it's a potluck.... which means ya know.. everyone bring something.... Well apparently that only applies to everyone else and not the people throwing it.
You want to throw it, you better provide at least SOME food. You can't just say you want to do it and not actually contribute anything other than the location :\
Whatever though. Need to figure out if I'll have to make anything for it. May just do something easy like mac & cheese... something I can't eat any of *cry* Hell.... living in the south and all dishes being carb heavy... it will be shocking if I can eat more than 1 or 2 things there.

Is it weird that I don't like referring to baby boy by his name yet? I'll say it to Zoe and I'll think it to myself, but most of the time it's baby, baby boy, baby brother, etc.
Not really sure why I have a hard time calling him by his name.

Oh speaking of his name... DH found out over this past weekend that there's a boy in his church named Orin. Small world man. I had never even heard of the name before DH suggested it and BAM... there's someone with it lol. Just thought that was neat.

I think we're supposed to be going to look at Christmas lights tonight. It's supposed to start getting cloudy and rainy here within the next few days so if they're wanting to go, we better do it soon.
Zoe is so cute and really likes looking at the lights she has seen.
Plus every time she sees an image of Santa now, she gets all excited and exclaims "OOO Santa!" lol
I don't think she understands his significance... it's just her recognizing the figure.

It's not like her love affair with Darth Vader. Seriously.. it's hilarious. I've been trying to get video of it but she always gets all shy or defiant when she knows I'm recording her.
She LOVES Darth Vader. She loves the ornament we have. Loves the movies and exclaims whenever he comes on. She's even started doing light saber sounds when we give her empty wrapping paper tubes AND she's started saying "The Dark Side" in her Darth Vader voice. Oh AND she does his breathing too.
We are turning her in to an awesome nerdy girl :D lol

Zoe is going to be frickin Frozen spoiled to hell and back again this Christmas. DH's friends bought her a bunch of Frozen stuff including an Olaf pillow pet and a toddler Elsa doll (thankfully not the one that sings... b/c I didn't put that one on her list lol.... mom win!)
And MiL gave her her Olaf blanket she made for her last night which Zoe just LOVES. And there's no telling what everyone else got her that might be Frozen related.
We really need to go through her toys and put away the ones she doesn't play with anymore. Put them away for Oren.

I think that's it. This post ended up being long but my back hurts from baking and Zoe is non-napping in her room so I had time :D

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