Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Grr, stupid

So, I had 2 packs of oatmeal again for breakfast this morning and my sugar was 121! BLEH!!
It's been below 110's the last few times I've had it. Low sugar oatmeal my ass.
AND my doctor's office didn't call in my glyburide prescription yesterday. Really???
My fasting was only 92 this morning thankfully (was afraid it was going to just keep going up and up). But still... shouldn't that be something they call in pretty quick, especially when they told me they were going to call it in? Sigh. Will have to call the pharmacy to see if they got it in yet and if not, call my doc's office.


Had a terrible dream last night. It didn't start off bad, just kind of strange. It was a legos and video game land.
We were in a castle (after a bunch of other crap had happened), and FiL comes in asking to see Zoe. Just the look on his face.. I knew something was wrong.
Well, he sees Zoe and just gives her a big hug and tells her he loves her.
No one else really notices anything strange, but I can't help but speak up and ask him why he's telling Zoe goodbye.
He gets the anguished look on his face but doesn't say anything and I start to bawl in the dream b/c I know something is wrong and he was essentially telling Zoe goodbye b/c he was never going to see her again.
Well, the dream ended there b/c I woke myself up b/c I was actually sobbing in my sleep. I had tears just streaming down my face. That's never happened before and kind of weird that it did.

Zoe's cold doesn't seem to be worse. Did hear her coughing a couple of times during the night but that was probably just her sinuses draining.
Her nose is still runny but doesn't seem to be as bad as it was yesterday.
She didn't nap which always makes he cranky. Will try to get her to nap or at least relax in her room for a bit today. She did go right to sleep when we put her down for bed.

I used that suction bulb thing we still have from when she was born to suck out the snot from her nose last night. Good... gross.... lord....
There was a TON of it. She'd only let me suck some out a little bit at a time but it kept coming. So gross. Wish I could teach her how to just blow her nose. I've tried a couple of times, but she doesn't understand.

And I should start taping the nursery walls today. The heroes are mostly done. Just have some details to add which shouldn't take too long.
I don't think I'll be adding more heroes. We'll have pictures and other things to put up that will fill everything out a bit more.

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