Friday, December 5, 2014

I just want to relax!

So, we bought my mom's car today. Refinanced so we're not paying 500 a month, but we still had to pay property tax on it which was $700!! WTF??
We had to drive all over creation to get it all situated... but it's finally done.

Anywho, it's not exactly what we were wanting, but it was too good of a deal to pass up, plus we'd be helping my mom out by getting rid of at least this one bill.

My carpet shampooer is broken! *CRY*
DH Finally cleared the nursery and BOY is the carpet in there nasty. The amount of dust collected under out desks.... nevermind the wear and tear of the carpet... bleh!
So I was in there sitting using the hand tool on the shampooer to really get a deep clean and try to remove as much of the staining as possible and the damn thing has sprung a leak :(

Oh well... I was overdoing it a bit anyway. SO achy after scrubbing not even half of the room. Still have a lot more of it to do. Want to get a hard bristle brush to try to loosen up the deep down dirt that I've seen in a few spots.
Just a giant PITA. I do like shampooing though. It's just so satisfying to see an actual change and see the dirt being cleaned. Just wish there was a way to make it work better b/c damn do our carpets need it.

Forgot to mention this before.
We made ourselves wishlists on Amazon for DH's friend that lives overseas atm.  Just crap we'd like for Christmas.
Well I put a bunch of stuff that I know Zoe would like on it and DH sends his friend the list.
This was pretty much the reply he got
"So, are these things Zoe wants or things that YOU want Zoe to have."
WTF kind of response is that? She's 2..... of course we're going to put shit on there that we would like her to have b/c we know she would love them. Just ugh... that really rubbed me the wrong way.

Zoe man... she's spending the night with aunt so they can go to some small parade tomorrow. We needed the break though.
We have been ALL over the damn place so she's gotten out of the house plenty this week, but MAN is the toddler-tude rearing its ugly head.
Toddlers definitely test your patience and you are going to crack every once in a while.

So much to do still. I really need to start on the sketches for the nursery. Figure out which heroes we want on the wall and all of that. Was going to start it the other night but something else came up so didn't get around to doing it. Same with tonight.
We finally put the Christmas tree up then I started vacuuming which led to the carpet shampooing.

It's 2:23am right now and the adrenaline I was running on earlier is finally wearing off. Can't believe I was such a nght owl before. Staying awake past 10pm now is rare lol.

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