Friday, December 12, 2014

OW! WTH is going on now?

Not sure what is going on but I wish it would stop already.
Started up in the middle of the night. Woke up and I'm getting a continuous crampy feeling in the uterus all the way to the backside.
It was a constant aching but it eased up once I finally got up this morning, now it seems to be back.
Thought maybe I just had to poop (which I did), but that didn't seem to help anything. Maybe I still have to and this is all just some gut cramps or something. I dunno... whatever it is, I wish it would stop b/c it does not feel nice.

Thankfully baby boy was also moving around when I woke up last night so it distracted me enough so I could get back to sleep.
Pretty sure he had the hiccups. Didn't last for too long... not like when Zoe would get them.
He was a little wiggle worm. Not sure but I swear he was laying transverse... that's where they're laying sideways right? lol Too lazy to look it up right now :P lol
Anyway.... I was laying on my left side and I could feel him kicking on that side and on my right side at the same time. Well... however he was laying, he was having a good ole time in there. :)

If this aching eases up, will be working more on the nursery walls. I just did one wall yesterday. Just didn't feel up to doing another for some reason. It will get done though. Not really looking forward to all the taping that's gonna need to be done, then touchups after painting... BLEH! lol

Still not sure how exactly I'm going to do the superheroes. Draw them up there and tape them off too probably. I think it would be too difficult to paint over the background color w/ crappy acrylic paint. Would require way too many layers trying to do that *nodnod*
 We'll see.....

So I was wrong yesterday.... my number after eating the one oatmeal was 87, not 82. Still not bad though.
My numbers yesterday were all pretty low actually. For lunch it was 70 and dinner was also low 80's.

Anywho... experimented again this morning with 2 packages of oatmeal instead of the one and my sugar still only came in at 98. I was sure it was going to be higher b/c that stuff is SUPER sweet. But nope... my body seems to be taking it all really well. YAY! :D
Loving this wiggle room. I love eating meat, but it does get boring after a while so knowing I could have a sandwich or something like that every once in a while is really nice.
Will be having something bad for dinner tonight so we'll see just how far I can go.

Zoe has been spoiling me and not getting up until 8am in the mornings. Then, she usually just plays in her crib for a bit so I can doze off a little longer.
Going to enjoy it while it lasts. We've been so lucky with how well she does sleep.
I think putting her in an extra layer of PJs has helped too. Keeps her nice and warm so she sleeps better.

Her little butt is slowly healing too. She still has a red spot but no more irritating poops have caused it to get worse again thankfully.

We still need to take her to see Santa! DH has some nativity thing to do at his church this weekend. Thankfully only at night... and this is pretty much the last weekend we'll be able to do anything. Have to talk to him about it. First time I mentioned it was only just a couple of days ago. Just didn't even think about it until then. Woops... mommy fail.

Girl is going to be seriously spoiled with presents this year. She better appreciate it when she's older lol.

We are broke broke broke. Had to fork over the rest of the money for the roof and getting the siding fixed. That's over 5k dollars that we'll never see again. Just thankful that we actually had it! Thank goodness for putting money in to savings b/c if we didn't... we'd be SCREWED.

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