Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What a piece of crap

I've been hesitant to use the new carpet cleaner we bought b/c of the non-extraction of the water it puts out.
I had to do something about the carpet in the living room though. With the cat's paw bleeding here and there, Zoe stains, etc... the carpet was looking gross.

I used it and sure enough... still the same damn problem before.
It dumps all of the water out of the cleaning solution tank and picks up almost none of it.
I filled the cleaning solution tank twice and the dirty water tank STILL was not full. B/c it doesn't pick up the water as it should, it doesn't pick up stains or the loose dirt either.
Just such a frickin waste of money. I really wish we had returned it when we could.

I'm about to take apart the old one to see if I can find out why it's leaking. I used it to suck up all the water the new one left behind and there was such a HUGE difference in the amount of water and dirt it cleaned.
Just so damn annoyed.

In other news... we got a call about the baby furniture and was basically told the same thing they had been telling us *shrugs*
Not sure why they felt the need to call but I'm glad they at least care enough about their customers to keep them updated. From what they're being told, they should get it all in by the 2nd week of January.

Which we'll hopefully have all or most of the walls done in the nursery.
Just need to get my lazy butt up and work on it some more.

Pippin came home yesterday a little less bally.
Still.. he was here for less than 5mins before he pissed in the house *grumble*
THEN he peed 3 more times while we were at my appointment.
Just don't know what to F-ing do with him to get him to just pee outside already. I hate leaving them out there since it's cold and he doesn't have a lot of fur, but I really don't want piss all over my house either.

I'm going to be a grinch for a moment.
I don't mind helping out a family in need around this time. It's a nice thing to do. We don't have a ton of money but we'll help when we can.
So DH's church decided that they were going to take on a 2nd family this Christmas. They already gathered stuff for one family and only just the last week decided to take this 2nd one on.
Well there were a few angels left (paper shaped angels where they wrote down what they wanted) so DH grabbed the rest along with his sister (the one visiting).
Welp, turns out one of the kids wants a new nintendo DS3 or whatever they're called. Something that costs I think around $180.
We're going to get it b/c well... I'm sure it's this kids only chance of getting something like that.
But still.... a gift that expensive should not have been left up to just ONE person to buy it. That should've been broken up between 2+ people especially since it's this close to Christmas.
Most people are probably done or mostly done with their shopping for their own family in small debt over it too.... then you want to tack on something so expensive at the last minute?
Just so.... annoyed. It would've been different if they had given people a little bit of time to shop or save up to buy these expensive things, but nope.
And it's not like the people that go to this church are rich. They're lower to middle class... so no one is swimming in money here.
Like I said... a bit grinchy but we are going to get it b/c it is for a family in need.

Woo, this post got a bit more ranty than I had intended. There was something I had wanted to mention but now I can't remember. Oh well.


Shari said...

What kind of carpet shampooer did you get?

LisaL said...

It's a hoover power path pro XL carpet washer.
It's a total piece of junk. Reading some of the other reviews (that don't look like they've been paid for)... other people have had the same problem with it not sucking up the water it puts out.

Shari said...

The reason I ask is because my bissell does that if the dial isn't set just right for floor instead of hand tools.