Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ranting and random

First off the rant... get that out of the way.

Aunt needs to just STFU about Oren's name already.
We went out to dinner with inlaws (minus mil and fil) on Friday. We were waiting to be seated and SiL starts calling baby boy Obi Wan which is fine with us since well.. that was sort of our super nerdy goal for the nickname.
Well aunt chimes in that he's going to get picked on b/c there is that tampon brand OB. And then kept going on about it and how we should consider that.
Seriously woman.
Who said that he's even going to go by that nickname with anyone other than us? And even if he does, I'm sure it will be with just his friends and they'd be shitty friends or just joking around if they even knew about the brand.
Just STFU already and deal with the name. We're not fucking changing it!!!
I mean damn, we could name him the most common name of John and a determined bully would come up with some way to twist it around to make fun of him.
It's not like we're naming him Douchy Tampon string McGee here.

Anyway, enough with that rant...

I'm definitely going to have to go on glyburide again. My fasting numbers are staying just above where they should be at. We'll see what happens in the next few days. May wait until after Christmas to call the OB office. It's not like the numbers are super high or anything. The highest one was only 7 points above what it should've been, the rest are 1-4 above. So nothing too bad.
I don't think those couple of points are going to cause Oren to come out 10lbs :P

So the inserts in Zoe's diapers have been stinking lately. Just a constant funk even though I haven't changed wash routines.
So.... after washing them separately from the covers and using bleach and them still stanking up the joint... I decided to boil them.
If it was a build up of ammonia or bacteria or anything for that matter, boiling would kill everything.
Holy funky house Batman!
It smelled like a 100yr old barn that was still in use in the house for most of the day. Just funky gross stankiness.
BUT it worked like a charm too. Sure I had to febreeze the hell out of the house a few times, but the inserts no longer smell. WOO :D
Just need to do it with the remaining ones and will be good to go until I have to do it again.
May make it a regular thing. Like doing it once a month.
But still... the smell that filled this house was..... awful. I couldn't stop gagging and subsequently peeing myself b/c of the gagging. Awesome.

Can't believe it's almost Christmas! So excited for Zoe to open all of her gifts. She's not going to know what to play with first.
I love that we get to experience Christmas through her now. Get some of that magic innocence back.
It's going to be even better when she's older and really gets in to the whole Christmas thing.
Love it :)

Oh and next year... we're totally going to try to recreate a FB post we saw of a Darth Vader tree lol
We already saw some ornaments we'd like to get (after Christmas when they're on sale) for it. Going to be so fun :D
I love being nerdy!

It's just actually getting up the nerve to actually go out after Christmas. DH has to work AGAIN after Christmas so it would be up to me to go out and get whatever from Target (where we saw the ornaments). I remember last year. It was F-ing insane with all the discount shoppers lol. Oh well... I'll do it but will have to make sure to get up earlier than I did before. Or maybe I could get them online. I'll have to check it out.

OMG.... Zoe knows no boundaries. When we went out to dinner on Friday with inlaws, we went to a steak place and we were in 2 booths. Zoe wanted to sit with them so we let her.
I guess they weren't paying attention b/c they turn around and tell us that Zoe had been reaching over this wall thing in the restaurant and feeling on this guy's dreadlocks!! /facepalm
They weren't sure if he even noticed but I'm sure he probably did.  How could you not notice toddler hands feeling and grabbing your hair?! lol

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