Sunday, December 21, 2014

3rd tri

Holy crap... am I really in third trimester already? MAN... the holidays is making this go by super fast. Maybe it will slow down afterwards, but.... who knows. Just feels like everything is flying by now and I feel so..... so unprepared.

I haven't done shit to the nursery. I did almost finish the cityscape... just have I think a few background buildings to do but that should only take a couple of minutes.
But then I have the superheroes to draw, figure out if I want to add more, taping everything up which is going to be such a PITA... and just UUUUUUUUGH.
Things just keep coming up though whether if it's just being tired or going somewhere so I haven't worked on it.

Ok... this week.... I have no plans on going anywhere so will try to devote most of the day working on it. I want to start painting by the end of the week. *nodnod* We'll see if it happens.... lol.

Grrr, another high fasting number. Again, not super high. Still in the 90's but BLEH!
They never mentioned about me having to come in for the whole NST plus an ultrasound another day of that week, but with this happening.... it might be a possibility at the end. I really hope not.
Seeing baby boy that often would be awesome, but it's going to be such a hassle having to drop Zoe off for the appointments.
Right now, my plan was to just take her with me and keep her busy w/ the kindle since the appointments would just be standard things like peeing in a cup, weight, blood pressure and probably doppler.
We'll see what happens.

Family thing this afternoon. BLEH!
Not looking forward to it b/c it's going to be a bunch of finger foods that I'm not going to be able to eat any of.
Hell, I'm about to go make rice crispy treats for it :\ BUT, I am damn well going to eat some of it!! Not as much as I want, but I'll be damned if I'm going to fix them and not eat a little bit. Rofl.
My sugar after eating has been excellent except for those 2 times w/ the rice.... It's all about moderation *nodnod*

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