Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gotta teach them young :P

Zoe's granny (MiL) bought her a little play cleaning set for Christmas and BOY does Zoe love it. She keeps pretending to clean everything. She actually could if she figured out exactly how to use them right lol. All they are are miniature versions of cleaning items. Like a broom, hand brush thing, sponges, etc.
As I said in the title.. gotta teach them young to clean up after themselves hehe.... and after the parents :P

UGH my nipples are so damn itchy!! It's mostly the right one and it drives me crazy at night when it usually itches the worst.
Looked at it earlier today to see if it was dry and the skin was peeling like I had a sunburn on my nipple only. WTH? And of course peeling the skin off only made it itch worse. Awesome.
I try to keep them lotioned up, but usually end up forgetting to reapply some more later in the day.

This cold needs to start going away already. Hate sniffing in and feeling like my head is in a vice.
Overall, it's still not bad. Just a mild cold, but it's still annoying. My voice is cracking b/c I have to mouth breath which makes everything dry up and just... bleh.
Hope it's not like the head cold I got when pregnant with Zoe. Something that would normally last... maybe a week at the most lasted something like 2-3. No thank you!
Will have to take some tylenol before bed tonight to see if it helps w/ the pain from the drying mouth/throat.

Also not fun to sniss.... aka sneezing and pissing yourself. Thankfully it doesn't happen every time and when it does, it's only a little bit of pee, but still.... not fun. Funny... but not fun lol.

Lower part of the wall is pretty much done. WOOT! Just have to clean up a few spots (mostly the windows) and should be ok. I'm sure I'll have more to fix once I start painting the part above it but I'll worry about that when it happens. Just glad to have some progress in the nursery :)

Oh and another symptom..... I have gas ALL the time now. And most of the time... it sneaks out. There's no warning before it comes out. You know how you can just feel gas that's about to toot out? Yeah.... this just happens. Walking around in the kitchen and it sounds like my ass is playing a trumpet.

And... my skin is looking TERRIBLE. Not sure if it's pregnancy related but I've had so many new blackhead spots appear on my face. It's disgusting and just oh so attractive :\
Nevermind the backne. Oh that pregnancy 'glow'.....

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