Monday, December 22, 2014

Few more days!

.... until Christmas! So exciting :)
Hope everyone is doing well and getting all of your last minute shopping done with little headache heh.

Family get together yesterday wasn't that bad. But thank goodness DH had enough thought to buy 4 pizzas before we went. If we hadn't of gotten those pizzas... everyone would've filled up on nothing but sugary desserts and crackers :\
I couldn't eat any of said pizza though b/c I was saving my 'cheat' for something sugar lol.
Still though... how are you going to throw a party/get together and not provide some frickin food??? Geeze.

Zoe had fun. She spent the night w/ aunt and apparently her very slightly runny nose is now full blown snotfest along with sneezing. Awesome.
I know she caught this cold from one of her cousins. How do I know? Well b/c they always tell us after the fact that one of them is sick... you know... after Zoe has been around them, hugging them, giving them kisses, etc.
Obviously we can't put her in a bubble to keep her from getting sick, but how about NOT exposing her that much to other sick kids huh? Geeze.

Anyway... I'm hoping Zoe doesn't get any sicker. If she does.. I know I'll be soon behind her with my own cold.

Also really hoping she doesn't get sicker b/c I don't want her Christmas to be all miserable b/c she feels bad. She seems fine other than the sneezing and runny nose though so... FX.

Left a message with my doc this morning. My fasting was 99 today. Highest it has been. Figured with it going that high I should just go ahead and call instead of waiting. I mean it's not super high still, but better to be safe than sorry.
And speak of the devil, just got a call back. It was just the nurse saying they got the message and wanting to know what the lowest it's been since it has been elevated.
Will get a call back later with whatever the doctor says. So that's good.

Anterior placenta w/ a breech baby sucks for movement :( Don't get me wrong, obviously I would rather not feel anything and him be perfectly fine, but... not feeling him move for very long stretches gets me SO incredibly worried.
I felt him a lot more when he was head down. Even though the kicks were all being covered by the placenta, it still seemed like I felt him more often.
Oh well though. Like I said, all that matters is that he's ok in there.... it just makes me worry when I can't feel him.

Planning on working on the nursery today. Probably will after fixing and eating some lunch. :)

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