Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 3

Forgot to post yesterday! Oops...

So, no exercise. I went and visited my mom for a while and just honestly didn't feel like doing anything when I got back home.
Rest days are Sunday, but I'll count yesterday as it and just exercise like I should.

Zoe is well. She always has this cough though. It's not like a chesty cough or anything. I'd say it's more like just a random hair/tickle in your throat type. But she does it a lot. Not a lot a lot that I think she's getting a cold, but still makes me a little concerned why.

She spit up ALL over my yesterday. BLEH! It's the first time she's spit up like that in a long time. Gross though.

OMG... So I always thought FiL would be the one we'd have to worry about giving Zoe something bad.
NOPE, that would be my mom.
We were all on her floor, playing with Zoe, when my mom got up and started giggling like a school girl.
She went and grabbed a bag of gummy lifesavers, pulled one out and then gave one to Zoe (she was still holding it).
I was laughing but mostly b/c it was SO unexpected.
Zoe licked it a few times and of course frickin LOVED it lol.
She didn't let her but lick it a few times, but still... WTH is it with grandparents wanting to give baby's crap?? SIGH!

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lisabttc said...

Thinking of you with your new diet and exercise! FX!

I hope Zoe isn't getting sick! Maybe it's the weather. I've seen a lot of people getting irritated throats and coughs, but not getting sick.

Ugh, grandparents! LOL! I'll have to watch out for that ;-)