Saturday, February 9, 2013

Oh Zoe...

Her new little whining thing is SO hilarious and cute. Good lord I hope she doesn't keep it up when she is older though.
My oldest niece whines and it is SO annoying.
I'll try to get some video of Zoe doing it tomorrow heh.

I dunno WTH DH's mom and aunt are smoking but they're starting to ask us when we're gonna let Zoe spend the night with them. Uhm... WHAT??
Zoe is 6 months old... chill the hell out with the spend the night BS. SHEESH.
And of course they ask this right after telling me that their dogs killed one of their goats. Uhm... and you want our BABY over there? I don't frickin think so.
Yeah they cleaned it for Christmas, but I can guarantee that there is still probably Christmas trash all over the place still b/c none of them cleaned it up yet.... or will clean it up later.
Have I mentioned that MiL is a total hoarder? And that FiL and MiL are oblivious to the poo, pee, and general funkiness of their home?

Just no way. I makes my stomach twist in a knot even thinking about Zoe over there for the night.

And MiL is passive aggressively trying to make us feel guilty b/c Zoe only sees her once a week and how "Zoe should see her granny more often!"
Bitch please....
I do love MiL, even with all of her problems, but come on now... just stop.
Hell, my own mom sees Zoe maybe once every 2 weeks so MiL is lucky she sees her more often.

I can't even imagine what it's going to be like whenever we have another. The non-subtle hints about letting Zoe stay over there while we take care of the new baby, etc etc.
Thanks for the offer, but that's not gonna happen until your house is clean.
How the heck do you say that to someone without hurting their feelings? Sigh...

Oh and don't even get me started on how sick they are ALL the damn time!! I swear, one of them is sick every other week.
Last week it was FiL, this week it's MiL and SiL's girl.
Next week, I'm sure it will be DH's aunt and someone else.
They are the sickest bunch of people I've ever met. How the hell do you get sick that often?
Now I can understand why I don't get sick since I'm home most of the time, but DH works with a lot of people and he had one cold last year. That was it.

So again.... Zoe is not spending the night over there until they change something. Clean their shit up.

Whew, that turned in to a long rambling rant! :P lol

OH I forgot, one of DH's friends gave us a bunch of frozen homemade baby food. Their own baby is now eating 'real' non-pureed food, so they gave us whatever they had left. NICE. Saves us some money and time spent making the stuff :D

Oh and Zoe is now sitting in the little kiddy chairs at restaurants now. Dawwww. When we went out with family on Friday, we put her in one and she loved it. Looking around at everyone, banging on the table.

*sniffles* She's growing up so fast.

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lisabttc said...

haha, I want to hear the whiny noise :-)
Ugh, I don't blame you at all for not wanting her to spend the night over there. Yuck! They should realize it's not a good place for a young baby. That would irk me!