Wednesday, February 20, 2013

STTN again?

Gosh I hope so!!
Zoe did sttn last night. She fussed just a little, and I got up to check on her, but she would've been fine if I hadn't.
She woke up at 6am this morning and WOO! lol
She unfortunatly didn't go back to sleep, but she played in her crib until 7 so that was still nice.

She is taking her time learning how to crawl. Is there anything you can do to help? *shrugs*
She seems to enjoy tummy time a lot more now though. Think since she's figured out she can at least rotate and play with her toys that way, she's good on her stomach heh.

So, Monday is going to be the day we start exercising again. I don't really like starting anything in the middle of the week so Monday it is.
I'm getting myself motivated and it's actually working heh.
We're gonna go back to a stricter Primal eating diet like we were just doing (we've slacked just a little, but not too much), and will be starting our exercise routines. Need to make a calender so we can keep track of what we need to do. Maybe write down what we did on those days and try to do a little more the next time. I think that might be good to push us a little more. *nodnod*
Excited to start it. Hopefully this feeling sticks around until Monday :P hehe


Shari said...

As much as you want Zoe to crawl, she will do it on her schedule. We tried so hard to get Athena to crawl and walk, but she had it in her had that she would do it when she wanted to. At 8 and a half months she started crawling and at 14 months she started walking.

Don't push too hard for the crawling....LOL Soon the only word out of your mouth will be no.....haha I miss the days of her just sitting on the floor playing with toys. Now its trying to climb on everything!!!

Yay for exercising!! I have been seeing a lot of people getting on the weight loss train. I will be joining in on the fun come 10 months. Hopefully with having the GD so early I won't be on as much weight as last I hope the exercising really kicks your body into weight loss mode!!!

LisaL said...

Yeah, I'm not too worried about her crawling. It just breaks my heart that she is trying so hard and gets frustrated that she isn't going the way she wants lol.
I am def gonna enjoy this time I have now though b/c like you said... I know as soon as she starts moving, it's going to be 10x more exhausting looking after her and making sure she hasn't gotten in to anything LOL.

Well, with the GD diet you'll have to do, I'm sure most of the weight you'll gain will be gone quickly after you have this new LO :) Or at least I hope so for you!