Sunday, February 17, 2013

So far so good

I think Zoe is doing well with her CIO.
Is it CIO or is it CC (controlled crying?).
I didn't know there was a difference but there is?
CIO is when you just let the baby cry no matter how upset they get. You don't check on them.
And CC is when you let them cry for soandso many minutes and then check and soothe them, and then put them back down etc etc.

So I guess we're doing CC? I dunno... I'm just gonna call it CIO b/c it's easier. *nodnod*

Anyway, Zoe is doing well with it and seems to be getting herself back to sleep pretty easily. Last night she woke a couple of times, but got back to sleep on her own within minutes. I think once, she cried for about 20 seconds and then was asleep again.
So glad she's learning.

And like I said before, I can understand why some women wouldn't want to try CIO or CC.... but MAN, there are some frickin judemental bitches out there!
I totally admit that I judge. We ALL do whether if people want to admit it or not.
Now with that being said, I know how to hold my tongue if I don't agree with something someone does. That's why I have my blog to vent everything :P lol
Anyway, good lord some people, especially holier-than-thou moms do not have a filter and def think their way is the ONLY way to do things.
It shouldn't surprise me by now, and it really doesn't, but it still does piss me off. These idiots are the reason so many people don't share their actual views on things because they don't want to deal with assholes telling them they're wrong.
I think now with the internet..... it should be mandatory for people to take debate classes in school. That way they learn how to DISCUSS, subjects without it turning in to "I'm right and you're wrong." BS.

I've been slacking off on taking Zoe photos! Really need to start back up again and take a bazillion photos of her! She's not gonna be a baby for much longer and I need as many photos as I can get to remember her like this :)

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!!
Ugh, I know what you mean. I'm starting to get judged already a little bit, and I haven't had my baby yet! I wish they wouldn't be so nasty. There's no right or wrong way.