Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Updated list

Of useful and not so useful items. Well, this one will be not so useful.

Swing- It's not really that Zoe didn't like it, it's just that there were easier things to use.
When you're tired and worn out and just need to put baby down, dealing with all of those straps (even though they're really not that difficult), is the last thing you want to deal with. At least that was the case for us.
Once we got the Rock N Play, the swing just became something that collected dust in the background. I think for the next baby, it may be a bit more useful. Having to deal with a toddler (or a child if it takes a while to concieve again)... I can see the swing coming in very handy.

Bumbo seat- I know some moms love this thing. Personally, it's the biggest waste of money... not counting the crib bedding sets.

Speaking of it....

The Crib Bedding set- Oh sure, it's ADORABLE in the store and when you first set it up in the nursery, but then you start reading about how bumpers aren't safe. And that cute little quilt? Also not safe. So basically you just spent 100+ dollars for ONE sheet. You know where that cute dragonfly set we bought is? Collecting dust in Zoe's closet.
Good lord it was such a huge waste of money!! But I'm sure almost every new parent gets suckered in to buying it.

And again a few items that are worth getting...

Boppy pillow- I always list it, like I always list the worst items. It is AWESOME. We don't use it so much now when holding Zoe, but it's great for putting behind her while she's on the floor. She gets super upset when she topples backwards, so having it behind her now really helps with that. If you have some sewing skills or know someone that does.... make your own! You could probably do it for more than half the price of a what a boppy costs. OR buy the pillow and make your own covers for it! If I knew how to sew, I totally would :) Hell, you could probably sell them too if you're good at it heh.

Rock N Play Sleeper- I know there was that recall thing, but making sure that it doesn't have the mold issue.... it's another fantastic buy! Zoe still naps in it now. She's probably going to outgrow it soon which is gonna suck, but we've gotten our money's worth and then some out of it and it will be great for the next LO to come along.

Exersaucer & Jumperoo- We did get the exersaucer for free. Well, it was on loan really. If we had bought one, it still would've been a fantastic investment b/c Zoe LOVED hers. She probably would still be super happy with it if we had kept it.
Jumperoo is great too though and will grow with her a bit longer than the exersaucer would have. It's a good thing we waited to buy the jumperoo though b/c Zoe's feet touch tip toe to the floor (how it's supposed to be) on the lowest setting now. So I wouldn't recommend a jumperoo for a really young or small baby. Not until they're bigger :)
The door jumper was also a good buy, but I wouldn't buy an expensive one. We got ours at the consignment shop for I think $14? Somewhere around there and it's worth that. Zoe will still play in it happily, but not for as long as she used to.

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