Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 2...

Zoe kept doing her little not waking fully fussy thing last night until she finally woke up at around 4.
I wonder when you can count it as sttn. Like if she woke at 5am hungry and crying, would that be considered sttn even though I don't usually get up then (DH gets up at 5:30 for work).
Technically it is since she goes to bed at 7pm most nights.

Anyway.... we let her cry a bit. It was easier to listen to her crying, but still not fun.
She was very slowly winding herself down.
Think it was 10 or 15min before DH got up and checked on her and I guess he gave her her pacifier and she didn't wake again until 7am.

So yeah... it's not too bad, and of course she is totally fine and all smiles in the morning, but it still makes me feel so bad/guilty for doing it. Can totally understand why some parents don't/can't.

Zoe is SO wanting to crawl. It's adorable.
Tummy time isn't her favorite, but she's getting used to it and trying so hard to move.
She can turn herself pretty well, but she hasn't quite learned how to get those knees up under her just yet.
She tries, but then ends up pushing herself backwards lol. She gets so frustrated and will usually do her, flailing face in the floor frustrated cry :P heh
I'll have to remember to get video of her doing it. And will eventually get her doing her whine cry.
Grabbing the camera when she is crying is the last thing on my mind though.

Hope everyone had a great V-Day!
I got to spend it with my baby girl and didn't have to cook. WOOT! lol
Well, I did bake some cupcakes, but other than that, no cooking :) Yes, we totally cheated and it was frickin DELICOUS! ;)

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